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Building the Bandai Star Wars AT-ST 1/48 scale

By David Guardia | 07.02.2019 11:48

The idea of assembling and painting this model was swirling around in my head since some time ago. It’s one of the vehicles of the saga I like best and besides, Bandai, the brand that introduced it on the market, is a very recognized one for manufacturing excellent models with “snap” perfect fit without the need of glue and highly detailed.

Building the Meng P-51D Mustang #LS-006 1/48 scale

By Gary Wickham | 01.24.2019 11:58

There has been quite a buzz around this release for one simple reason. Its a "Snap Tite" kit. Ok, so MENG refer to it as "Cement-Free Assembly" but whatever you call it, you are meant to assemble it without the need for glue. Normally this type of engineering is reserved for the basic, beginner style kits to make it easier for novices to construct their first model without making a mess with all that pesky glue. We have come to expect such kits to be very basic, often lacking detail with low part counts, to suite beginners.

Building the spanish F/A 18A for novices, using the Hobby Boss kit 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 04.09.2018 17:38

The aircraft I’m representing here belonged to the Cyclons of the US Navy and I considered to build it due to its attractive camouflage even the radar cone what makes it very interesting for the modeler. Its yellow and sand colors weathering and “washes” were the final push that made me take the decision of choosing this version. My idea was to represent the aircraft in its first stages of the Ejercito del Aire. The aim of this tutorial is to share with the reader the work, with simple techniques and materials available to all, it can be easily reproduced by a less experienced modeller.

Building the Czech Model Messerschmitt Me-263 V-1 1/48 scale

By Jaime Pastor Pueyo | 03.12.2018 11:28

I bought this kit years ago but, as usual, it ended up in the shelves close to dozens of boxes. However, someday I found a photo in a book, and I remembered where the kit was stored. When I opened the box, I could not put it away again.

Improving the Italeri Spitfire Mk.XVI 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 01.01.2018 12:04

As you probably already know, the Italeri kit is a reboxing of the Occidental kit. This kit was harshly criticized because it had some nose shape problems. I read in other web pages that the kit was fixed, but it wasn’t. However, this reboxing looks far better, with its stunning box art and large decal sheet, than the previous Occidental release.

Building and painting the Mirage 2000 D Tiger Meet 2016 Zaragoza using the Kinetic kit 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 10.18.2017 12:59

In the air base of Zargoza located 270 km west of Barcelona and 262 km northeast of Madrid, took place the Tiger Meet 2016 which congregated many airplanes from different air forces that have some squadron of this kind. As it’s traditional for this meeting, the planes use to have special decorations that are always in reference to the “Tiger” . In this case, one of the most spectacular and attractive was the Mirage 2000 D belonging to the French L’Armee de l’Air, showing a beautiful tiger decoration in the fuselage and Spanish flags painted in the tail and wings. Just by looking at the pictures, I told myself “I have to do it one way or another”.

Converting the AMT Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat in a F7F-3P 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 09.01.2017 11:45

The main reference I consulted to build this kit was the Grumman F7F Tigercat book (Vol 1y2) by Adam Jarski from AJ Press, but first of all I’d like to advise you to get rid of the tyres supplied with the kit since they have the strange quality of attacking the plastic, melting it just when coming into contact, so don’t keep them….you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

Building the Spanish F-4C "renaissance" from the Academy kit 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 03.12.2017 12:01

One of my favourite aircraft has always been the F4 Phantom. Since long ago, I wished I could make a 1/48 F4C of the Ejército del Aire (Spanish air force) but the kits available to carry out my project were too poor. It was then when this fabulous Academy kit that was the best fighter aircraft manufactured up to the moment appeared. I could not leave the opportunity of making my favourite aiplane of my beloved Ejército del Aire.

Building the Bristol Beaufighter Mk.Ic from the Tamiya Mk.Vic kit 1/48 scale

By Jaime Pastor Pueyo | 04.13.2016 11:44

Only Tamiya offer several versions of the Bristol Beaufighter in 1/48 scale. Nevertheless, the only way to do the Mk.Ic is to transform and correct some minor errors starting from the Mk.IV that is the most similar. The kit itself is pretty good, there’s no significant differences with others of the same brand and scale, but the scarcely detailed cockpit and well wheels called my attention since are very visible and should be improved as much as possible.

Building the Eduard Sopwith Triplane 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 11.17.2015 11:00

The kit is Eduard’s Sopwith Triplane (8014). This is one of the earliest of Eduard's 1/48 offerings, dating from 1995, and was the first Eduard kit to not be a limited-run product. It is a mixed media kit and consists of injected molded plastic a large etched fret and a white metal engine and the early horizontal stabilizer, similar to the one used by the Sopwith Pup.

Building the Hasegawa SAAB J35F/J Draken 1/48 scale

By Gary Wickham | 03.01.2015 10:52

I built the kit mostly from the box (as no aftermarket was available at the time). As the Drakens came to the end of their service life, the airframes started to look dirty and tired. I have attempted to capture this in the painting and weathering of my model. I hope this article will be useful for novices and advanced modelers as I made some mods and corrections to the kit showing how to do it.

Building the Walter Wagner Fw190 A8/R2 - White and captured - from an Eduard kit 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 12.31.2014 11:46

On 1 January 1945, the Fw190 A-8/R2 piloted by Walter Wagner was hit by flak during the attack over St. Trond airfield. The engine died and had to make and emergency landing, and was captured by the USAAF. This aircraft had black/white/black RVT bands to JG 4 and the emblem of the fuselage unit. The aim of this article is to show the two-option scheme of one of the most famous aircraft of the Second World War, Fw190.

Building the Eduard Nieuport 16 1/48 scale

By Walter Silva | 10.14.2014 10:40

This Eduard kit can be compared with any Tamiya or Hasegawa release, dimensions of scale model are accurate if you take as reference the scale plans from Windsock Datafile Special "Nieuport Fighters Volume 1". It’s important to mention the detailed El Rhone engine and the three-piece figure the kit provides, something that can be used in dioramas.

Improving the Eduard Nieuport Ni-17 (RFC) 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 08.12.2014 11:09

This kit is a release from Eduard company (kit 8024) and represents the version used by the Royal flying Corps. The box supplies decals for two versions but I chose the one flown by Captain William Avery Bishop . This is a high quality kit which can be improved even more, a good help for this was the PE set from Eduard (48249). However, and due to the fact that Eduard used only one mold to release several versions of Niuport 17, some details typical of each version were omitted since each company equipped their aircraft in a different way, this is why the kit needed some changes, modifications and improvements.

Building the Zvezda Lavochkin La-5 FN 1/48 scale

By Jaime Pastor Pueyo | 07.31.2014 12:06

First impression the kit produced me was pleasure. Zvedza had made a great work in their incursion to this scale. Perhaps the quality is not comparable with the last news of the more well known brands, but we are speaking about a kit fully detailed comprising 110 parts with excellent fit and the weak point is the lack of details regarding ASh-82 FN engine. Though this does not mean a problem, if we compare the excellent Karaya resin engine or just as I did, we leave all the access doors closed, and the engine will not be visible, of course.

Improving the Boeing P-26 Peashooter, step by step Academy 1/48 scale

By Mario Zagami | 06.11.2014 12:47

We are talking about the 1/48 Academy (#2179) Peashooter kit, comprises 89 parts one of which is the clear part. It also includes decals to build three versions: two of the 94th Pursuit Squadron 1935-36 and 19th Pursuit Squadron Hawaii 1940. Though it is not a “tamigawa” kit, it’s good, including basic details and appearing dimensionally correct. It offers high quality injection molded parts without flashes, featuring recessed panel lines. The following article describe the construction and improvement made in the kit in order to get an accurate and more detailed model.

Building the Northrop P-61A Black Widow from Great Wall Hobby 1/48 scale

By Gary Wickham | 04.01.2014 12:24

I have always liked the P-61. I've had a couple of the old Monogram kit in my stash for as long as I can remember, but never found the motivation to undertake the rescribing and correcting project needed to bring that model up to speed. Along comes the Great Wall Hobby P-61. The first boxing received some justified criticism for glaring errors. To the great credit of GWH they corrected almost all of the problems in the second boxing (the so called "glass nose" P-61A). To date GWH have not released a P-61B.

Improving the Hanriot HD.1 Eduard 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 12.31.2013 10:58

The kit offers two versions: the Italian of the 78 Squadriglia and the other is the Belgian fighter piloted by Willy Coppens who scored 37 victories flying Hanriots, becoming not only the maximum Belgian ace but also developing an especial expertise in shooting down enemy observation balloons. I decided to represent the machine piloted by Coppens in mid 1918. It’s a Hanriot HD.1 that belonged to the 9me escadrille “Le Chardon”

Improving the Roden Fokker D.VII OAW (mid) - 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 12.20.2013 10:48

Although the model is really nice, I decided to improve it a little bit by adding details that give the appearance of fragility unique of WWI airplanes. Also, I chose a very colourful machine, the one flown by Ltn. Ulrich Neckel while he was CO of the Jasta 6 in the last months of the war.

Building the OV-1D Mohawk of the Argentine Army. Anniversary version Roden 1/48 scale

By Jorge Juarez | 12.04.2013 10:48

After having been withdrawn from the US Army, it was transferred to the Argentine Army arriving to the country on December 24th 1992 piloted by Lieutenant colonel Carlos Spika. It was assigned to the 603 squadron for pilots’ training purposes. Then, it was destined to the 601 Squadron, first operative unit of this airplane.

Building the MPM Bell P-63 A-9 Kingcobra Russia spring 1945 - 1/48 scale

By Jaime Pastor Pueyo | 11.10.2013 11:07

The aircraft that I have represented (SN 270434), has the peculiarity of having a great stain of white smoke that it can be seen from the exhaust to almost the tail, covering partially the fuselage red star. No other P-63 I have seen on photographs had this smoke stain so big. I started this model one year ago, although after a while working on it, I got tired and I moved it away for a while, until I found a picture with the white smoke stain that impressed me so much that I immediately took it up again.

Building the Corsair Mk.II - Pacific Pirate - Tamiya F4U-1a 1/48 scale

By Jaime Pastor Pueyo | 11.03.2013 10:44

Vought Corsair Mk.II 'Pacific Pirate' - sub Lt Don Sheppard, 1836 sqn, HMS Victorious, January 1945. Not all the Corsairs sported the USAAF markings during the Second World War. Lots of them fought with the Fleet Air Arm from the aircraft carriers HMS Illustrious, Victorious or Formidable: they were the fearsome “Pacific Pirates”. And one of their best pilots, the Canadian Lt Donald J. Sheppard was the onlyone that achieved the As distinction with the Corsair, obtaining four of his five confirmed shoot downs from the Mk.II JT410 and his fifth one from the Mk.II JT537, 4th, 1945.

Building the Spad XIII Dragon 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 10.08.2013 18:01

The Spad XIII is one of the most famous WW1 fighters as it was the main mount for many of France s top aces including Rene Fonck and Charles Nungesser as it was for many of the US aces including Eddie Rickenbacker and Frank Luke.

Building a vacuform model 1/48 Toms Modelworks Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter

By Claudio Kalicinski | 07.23.2013 10:35

The model represents a Sopwith Strutter built by Ruston, Proctor & Co. Ltd in 1917 and delivered to the RFC (Royal Flying Corps) on August 7th 1917. With a Clerget 9z 110hp powerplant was sent with the 43 Squadron to the Lozinghem aerodrome at Flanders, Belgium, for reconnaissance missions and ground attack (as the tactical marking, the triangle, indicates). After seeing service in Belgium, it returned to England on September 29th 1918. My goal when writing this article, is sharing with you my experiences in building a vacuform model and encouraging others to give one a try. Though many of us (modelers) have one or two vacuform among our kits to build, most seem to be reluctant to build those kits, in spite of the fact that they’re really good, comprising metal, etched and resin parts plus a good decal sheet.

A nice bird: Improving the Mil Mi-24 Hind D - Minihobby Models 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 06.14.2013 13:27

This Project took me one year of work. The entire scheme was entirely painted without using any decal, and as I’m not an artistic painter, I didn’t use the airbrush. Everything was achieved alternatively as you’ll see.

Building the HH-46 D Sea Knight - Academy 1/48 scale

By Giulio Marrucci | 05.07.2013 12:10

The only kit available on market of this valuable chopper in 48th scale is from Academy. Nice kit, well detailed even if to obtain an exact replica is necessary to add some improvement, most of them in the interiors. The box content allows 5 different options to build this kit, 3 dedicated to the Navy and 2 to the Marines.

Building the Mirage IIIEE of the Spanish Air Force from a Eduard Mirage IIIC - 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 03.27.2013 10:03

When I started to think about this project, I knew it would be a problem since there’s not a kit available in the market for the Mirage III EE I intended to build. Thus, I began looking for kits to be able to accomplish it, I also looked for seats, cockpit and so. Finally, I decided to use the Eduard Mirage IIIC and a transkit from Aconcagua Models.

Building the B25C - Accurate Miniatures 1/48 scale

By Giulio Marrucci | 03.22.2013 10:59

The “C” version of this glorious American medium bomber was the first to go into mass production with a number of modifications dictated by combat experience, following the “B”, famous for the Tokyo raid. The kit is the Accurate Miniature, dedicated to the B25 B’s belonging to the squadron of Doolittle Riders.

Building the F-5A of the Spanish air force - Classic Airframes 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 03.16.2013 11:36

This articles aims at sharing with the reader, the work accomplished to build a model of the F-5A on service of the Spanish army of the air, using the old kit from Classic Airframes.This is not a kit for novices, in fact, I had to make many modifications and scratch, the fit of resin parts provided is not good and needs a lot of work to get an acceptable result. As always when I finish a model based on certain kit, appears a better one, anyway, I’m satisfied with the final result.

Scratchbuilding the Nieuport 6H, 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 02.28.2013 18:50

I decided to scratchbuild this plane after seeing the scale drawings by Mike Fletcher in his web site: The Nieuport Pages. I sent an E-mail to him and he kindly sent me pictures and larger resolution scale drawings. Once I enlarged the plans to 1/48, I noticed how big the plane was....

Building the Gavia Bristol Scout Eduard 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 02.08.2013 10:03

This Gavia kit was manufactured by Eduard, and reaches the quality and design of recent releases from both companies. The kit comprises two sprues of parts, there aren't a lot of them, but that doesn't mean the kit isn't detailed.  The decals are in excellent register and are some of the thinnest that I have yet seen. Two different early Scouts “C” versions are provided, one being No. 1611, flown by Captain Lanoe Hawker on his VC flights and the other No. 1250, a machine of the RNAS, during 1915. This plane has the red and white roundels on the wings and the Union Jack on the fuselage sides. This last version is the one I decided to replicate.

Mirage F1B by Kitty Hawk Model

By Modeler Site | 01.19.2013 10:51

Special Hobby Building the Lloyd C.V 1/48 scale

By Walter Silva | 01.12.2013 10:03

This kit has been built almost completely out of the Special Hobby 1/48 box, The instructions look very nice, they appear to be well made, don’t seem to leave anything out and include a clear rigging diagram as well. The kit is well molded, comprising many resin parts, a fret of photo etched parts, and a piece of film to build all the neat looking instruments. It’s easy to build, just only the struts don't have correct length. Model builders will always appreciate Austro Hungarian army aircraft kit releases.

Super detailing the EA-6B Prowler from Monogram 1/48 scale

By Jose I. Hernandez Diez | 11.30.2012 20:51

I have always been completely captivated by this fantastic aircraft, and in late 2006, when I decided to assemble it, the only model available was the 1/48 Monogram's kit ( still the Kinetic and Italeri didn't have been issued). It's an old kit that shares parts with the A-6 Intruder, Monogram modified some parts and other were discarded. The raised panel lines the lack of details makes this kit as obsolete comparing with nowadays the industry offers. I had to deal with endless amount of errors I will talk about later in the article.

Grumman TBM-3 Avenger Accurate Miniatures 1/48 scale

By Giovanni Galvan | 07.01.2012 10:00

The Grumman Avenger needs no presentation, being one of the most famous protagonists of the Pacific War. But until the 90’s, there was in 1/48 scale only an old Monogram toy-style model, until Accurate Miniatures released a “state-of-the-art” mold, which is still one of the best kits ever done. Now the mold is also released by Italeri, at lower price, and it’s very recommendable to all modelers.

Building the Eduard Spad XIII 1/48 scale

By Michael Capell | 09.01.2010 19:37

Wait, I know what you are probably thinking, that this is a bi-plane and all that rigging is so hard to do. Before you skip to the next article let me have a chance to convince you otherwise. Eduard was the first company to combine photo etch parts with their top quality kits. Now they have gone a step further with introducing 'dual combo' kits to their range, basically two kits in one box. I suppose if you muck one up we have a spare!

Building the Boeing P26 Peashooter Academy 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García | 06.01.2010 11:13

Here I bring you a model which I use to call “Bicycles with wings”, though in this case we are talking about a more modern aircraft than those considered as the aircraft pioneers. To my liking this is a pretty airplane and after the painting and decoration it’ll receive, will be superb.

Improving the Otaki P-47D Thunderbolt - 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 04.01.2010 10:54

The P-47 developmental history has been well covered so I will concentrate on the model it self. The model was built as a part of a project by some club members. It should have been a “straight from the box build” but my bad case of AMS attacked me again and I had to make some improvements.

Improving the Albatros D.V Eduard 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 10.01.2009 10:51

The kit (8110) was made by the Czech company Eduard and as a "Profipack" release, it does include photo-etch details such as seat belts, machine gun fretted jackets, wing walks, radiator shutters, control horns and small interior details, along with a sheet of masks made in kabuki self adhesive paper.

Building the Fairey Swordfish Mk.I Tamiya 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin | 02.01.2009 12:27

Everybody knows the story of the battleship Bismarck sunken by one of those beautiful biplanes. Perhaps in the world of airplane model builders, this kind of airship are the most beautiful to replicate, I don’t say that the modern fighters are not admirable, but the complexity of the old biplanes due to the rigging, the wings assembly, the effects that pigments of that epoch caused on the fabrics they used, oil and fuel leakage…etc make these subjects an attractive alternative to build....

Building the Lindberg Curtiss JN-4D Jenny 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 09.01.2008 12:39

The machine I decided to depict was a Curtiss JN-4D trainer based at Love Field, Texas during 1918. A picture of this plane can be found at the Profile Publications book about the Curtiss JN.

Building the Morane-Saulnier Type L Eduard 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 08.01.2008 15:41

The Eduard kit is one of the first releases from this brand (kit. 48007). It’s known as a “multimedia” kit since it includes not only white metal (engine) parts but etched and injection molded styrene parts such as: wing, both fuselage halves, elevators, rudder and cowling . This kit also includes a big fret of PE parts....

Building the Fw 190 A8R2 William Maximovitz Tamiya 1/48 scale

By Francisco Soldan Alfaro | 07.01.2008 11:59

I always wished to complete my collection of Fw190s, building a A8 Strum as they were modified, with the addition of the armour plates on the fuselage sides to combat the heavy bombers. This Tamiya kit was released years ago, nevertheless, it’s accurate with good fidelity of detail on the parts, and these parts assemble in a trouble free way.

Building the Eduard Nieuport Ni-17 from Charles Nungesser 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski | 11.01.2007 11:32

The model represents the Nieuport 17 flown by Charles Nungesser while he was attached to the Escadrille Lafayette (Nº124) during July 1916. With this aircraft, Nungesser shot down an Aviatik reconnaissance aircraft over Seuzey, France on July 21st 1916....

Building the Messerschmitt Me 262 W 3 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 08.01.2007 10:15

The flying bomb Fi-103 or V-1). The Me 262 W2 was materialized in the program “Heimatschutzer I “(homeland defender I). It was a rebuilt, Me 262 A-1a (W.Nr. 130186) with a Walter HWK 509 “cold” rocket engine on its tail. This last retained its Jumo turbojet engines under the wings. Finally, the W3 should have been powered...

Constructing the Messerschmitt Me 262 HG III 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 04.01.2005 10:18

Willy Messerschmit's company was one of the most important fighter suppliers for the Luftwaffe and it is no wonder that the number of projects there, was very large. Many versions of existing aircrafts, and specially of the famous Me 262 Schwalbe, were developed in their design bureau..... In several articles written by...

Messerschmitt Me 262 Interzeptor III 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 02.01.2005 11:41

The Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe (Swallow), was the first operational jet powered aircraft. It was mass-produced in World War II and saw action from late 1944 in bomber/reconnaissance and fighter/interceptor roles. The Luftwaffe began committing this remarkable aircraft to combat when air defence squadrons were...

Arado Ar 234 Jager 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 09.01.2004 11:40

If you want to build this model, you will need to get the ANT-06 Antaresmodels  conversion and an Arado 234 in 1:48 scale. The set was developed for Hobbycraft kits, but it can be used on Hasegawa’s Ar 234 ( or on its re-pop, the Revell Germany ones), despite that at the time of releasing the conversion set these last...

Constructing the Focke-Wulf "Triebflugel" 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 07.01.2004 14:01

Without any doubt, the most advanced and radical Focke Wulf design in World War II was the Triebflugel. In the actual language of modern aeronautics, Focke Wulf’s “Triebflugel” ( driving wing) projects would be called a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)...

Academy T-33 Mexican Air Force, 1/48 scale

By Mike Parr | 05.01.2004 11:04

Building the argentine IA-63 Pampa a step by step guide for novices 1/48 scale

By Pablo Calcaterra | 03.01.2004 11:06

Several months ago I received this kit as a present. Though at first I was not interested in this plane, the challenge was strong so I decided to go ahead with the project. It was going to be my first kit in resin.  The box is very good and the kit is a multimedia one, with pieces made of different materials, like copper, plasticard, etc. Everything is individually packed and the placed inside the box which has bubble plastic film.

Focke Wulf Fw 58 Weihe Building a vacuformed kit 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 01.01.2004 10:31

Building the Mistel Fw 190/Moskito 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 12.01.2003 11:29

"How the hell am I going to handle this monster? ….There is no other crew except me …!!" This was the first impression of the Feldwebel Rudi Riedl, in his first encounter with a Mistel composite. Riedl was a blind-flying instructor of the Jagdfliegerschule (fighter pilot school ), located in Stolp-Reitz, a German pilot school specialized in training its members on attacking special targets....

Constructing the Me 262 Lorin 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 10.01.2003 14:13

During the Second World War, the German aircraft designers put forth many aircraft projects ideas, which ranged from the practical to the bizarre. In my opinion, the case of the Me 262 Lorin is one of these last. Despite of its fantastic space ship look, the idea of mounting the ramjets above the wings of the aircraft was found impractical, because of high fuel ...

Focke Wulf 190 TL 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 09.01.2003 14:08

The Fw 190 TL ( Turbo-Lader Strahltriebwerk - Turbocharger jet engine ) was one of the earliest Focke Wulf projects. This design comprised a simple centrifugal engine of Focke Wulf´s own design, fitted in late 1942 to a standard 190 fighter, instead of the BMW 801 piston engine. The new engine comprised a two stage centrifugal...

Argentine Navy MB-326 Low Viz 1/48 scale

By Mike Parr | 09.01.2003 10:55

Constructing the Messerschmitt Me 262 W1 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 08.01.2003 11:37

Does this fantasy spaceship look vaguely familiar to you?..look again……Yes!! It's a Me 262!!.. Even since I read the book "Me 262" ( edited by MBI Publications) several years ago, I've been interested in all Me 262 projects. One of the most interesting was the W1...

Building the Focke Wulf Fw 190 V-19 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 07.01.2003 14:04

Como ha ocurrido con otros proyectos alemanes , conocidos como Luftwaffe 1946, el Focke Wulf Fw 190 también fue objeto de estudios y desarrollos a fin de estudiar la configuración de "alas de halcón". Este tipo de ala era un diseño realmente novedoso para la época, ya que presentaba una pequeña...

Building the Mistel 4 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo | 05.01.2003 11:34

Building this odd-looking model in 1:48 scale is really exciting and complex at the same time. Exciting, because we will have a very unusual model on our shelf. Complex, because it's necessary a general planning before starting to build this huge model. We shouldn't forget that this one is a combination of a land...

Argentine Super Etendard Heller 1/48 scale

By Mike Parr | 10.01.2002 11:00

Improving the Messerschmitt me 262 A1-a/U4 Dragon 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
This model was released by Dragon in 1993, which made a re-pop of the original kit, manufactured by Trimaster, a Japanese company which is nowadays out of the market. Dragon deleted some white metal parts from the original kit, like the cannon barrel, and replaced them with plastic parts. Anyway, the kit is very good according to Dragon’s usual quality.

Building the Siamese Nakajima Ki-43-I Oscar, Hasegawa 1/48 scale

By Giovanni Galvan

During the war, the Kingdom of Siam (now Thailand), after a symbolic resistance, agreed a collaboration with the Japanese, which was more or less half hearted. During that period Japan sold some fighter airplanes to Siam, to substitute the old US planes such as the Hawk and the B-10. These planes were mainly old Ki-27 Nate, but in 1944 were released a number of more modern Ki-46 Series I and II. Some Internet friends sent me some rare photos of the Siamese Oscars, which inspired me to make this very exotic example.

F-15 Eagle He'yl Ha' Avir 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Fishbed-J Academy 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

MiG-17 Trumpeter 1/32

By Diego Vedelago

MiG-29 Fulcrum-A Academy 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Sukhoi Su-17M3 Kopro 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Building the Iraqi Bf.110C from a Fujimi kit, 1/48 scale

By Giovanni Galvan

The famous Bf.110 “Zerstörer”, in spite of being frequently described as a fiasco for the Luftwaffe, wad widely used on all fronts, and in almost all roles until the end of the war. One of the most peculiar episodes of its use was the help to the revolt in Iraq against the British in 1941. During the short duration of this local war, Italy and Germany sent some air units to help the rebels, via the Vichy’s Syria. That’s why we can see many Fiat CR.42s or Bf.110s with hastily applied Iraqi insignia, now famous for decidedly more recent wars.

Building the Junker JU-87D 3 Stuka for novices Hasegawa 1/48 scale

By Edwing E. Merlo Paredes
As a modeler, I use to build civil vehicles, but well, building an airplane is not “a bad thing from time to time…”, and besides I don’t like to become immersed in only one specialty of static modeling. I’ve built aircraft from Monogram, Testors, Lindberg, Revell, Italeri, Heller, Airfix, Matchbox among others; but somebody recommended me about Hasegawa kits, which was all the rage among modelers....

Building the Gotha Go P60A-1, Antares Models 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
The Gotha Company had no experience in fighter design, having specialized in transport aircraft and gliders, and during WWII, it developed only one, albeit very interesting night fighter project known as P.60. This aircraft was in response to Horten brothers...

Building the Heinkel He 162 A-10 in 1/48th

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Focke Wulf Ta 152 H-1 Dragon 1:48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

The strangest Butcher Bird Focke Wulf Fw 190 V 19 “Special” 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
Developments of the Fw190 had been under consideration even before it entered on service with combat units for real. The first projects consisted in fitting more powerful engines, including some that were at an early stage of development. It was planned to fit...

The ultimate Storm Bird Me 262 HG II, high speed interceptor project 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
By the end of 1944, a large diversity of variants had been proposed for the Me 262. One of the most important projects resulted from efforts to increase the maximum speed, mainly improving the airframe aerodynamic shape. Aircraft concepts known as the...

Mexican F-5F 1/48

By Jorge Bonilla

Monogram Su-25 1/48

By Jorge Bonilla

F-14A Tomcat / Diorama

By Masa Narita

Fujimi 1/48 Mitsubishi F-1

By Sebastian Lim

Dragon's Mistel 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Argentine Navy AT-6 Texan

By Jorge Dominguez

Phantom Anniversary 1/48 scale

By Jorge Dominguez

A7-A Corsair II 1/48 scale

By Jorge Dominguez

Argentine Navy F9-F Panther

By Pablo Gonzalez

Big Beautiful Doll. Deatiling a Tamiya's Mustang 1/48 scale

By Daniel Polizzi

After detailing and finishing several models of this plane, including the one from Monogram, I chose the one from Tamiya because of its good proportions; the surface detailing is very good and everything fits perfectly. I glued the wings to the fuselage using M.E.K. (methil-ethil-ketone). I like this kind of cement because it dries fast and leaves no trace of it. As I said before, the fit is very good and there is very little need for puttying. Without any doubt, the Big Beautiful Doll is one of the most beautiful versions of this plane; very well remembered, and an absolute challenge, well known by every modeler who has built this plane. The problem is with the checkerboard nose decal.

Kyushu J7W1 "Shinden" Hasegawa,1/48th

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Junkers Ju 188 A-2 DML Dragon 1/48 scale

By Alfonso Martinez Berlana

Lippisch P-13A Mauve 1/48

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

MPM's Fieseler Fi 103 1/48th

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Heinkel He 111 H-6 Monogram 1/48th

By Alfonso Martinez Berlana

Lockheed P-38 J "Lightning" Twin Tail Dragoon

By Alfonso Martinez Berlana

F-5E Lightning 1/48

By Masahiko Suzuki

Spitfire MKI Tamiya 1/48

By Rino Righi

Detailing the AM Tech Focke Wulf Ta 183 in 1/48 scale Parts I, II

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
Several months ago I was talking with Mario, the editor, and he asked me if I'd be interested in building, a Focke Wulf Ta 183 in 1/48 scale, to be published in Modeler Site. So I've always wanted to build a Huckebein, I said " of course…yes!!!" The kit was sent...

Building the Sukhoi Su-11 Fishpot from resin conversion, 1/48 scale

By Giovanni Galvan

Yes, I know, the Fishpot series of the Sukhoi Air Defense fighters of the former USSR remains unknown for most of the modelers. This series was a evolution from the famous Fitter ground strike family (Su-7 and the swing wing Su-17 / 20 / 22), in fact both of the versions have common sections, as the fuselage, tail planes, and similar fins. The delta wing characterize the Su-9 and Su-11 (NATO code Fishpot), which was inherited to the later Su-15 Flagon, a similar concept twin engined interceptor.

Messerschmitt Me 262 C-3 Home Defender IV 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

In early 1944, the design office of Willy Messerschmitt’s company put forward a proposal for a rocket-boosted version of the Me 262. This had the Walter HWK 509 A-2 rocket engine mounted in a jettisonable fairing beneath the fuselage. This proposal was further..

Startwagen, a strange German parasite composite 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
German engineers studied, through several experiments carried out during the WWII, all possible configurations for towing conventional aircraft assembled to form a composite flying machine. This was the original idea for the Mistel composite. But the....

CH 46D the Guardian 1/48

By Giulio Marrucci

Messerschmitt Me 262 V 056 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Heinkel He 162 D 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
During the Second World War, the German aeronautic industry developed a great number of prototypes and experimental planes; sometimes, they did not materialized due to all kinds of indecisions and interferences. Some of this German projects were very advanced, taking into account the technological point of view...

Building the Me 262 HG I 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Improving the De Havilland Mosquito NF.II from Monogram 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski
The DeHavilland Mosquito was a British combat aircraft that excelled in a number of roles during the Second World War. Originally conceived as an unarmed fast bomber, uses of the Mosquito included: low to medium altitude daytime tactical bomber, high altitude night bomber, pathfinder, day or night fighter, fighter-bomber, intruder, maritime strike and photo reconnaissance aircraft.

Mig 17F Smer 1/48

By Giulio Marrucci

L-39 MPM 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Building the Späte's red Komet - V41/PK+QL Dragon 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Major Wolfgang Späte (born 8 September 1911 in Dresden – died 30 April 1997 in Edewecht) was German World War II Luftwaffe 99 victories Flying ace. Serving with Jagdgeschwader 54 on the Eastern front, Jagdgeschwader 400 and Jagdgeschwader 7 in Western Europe, he is credited with the destruction of 99 enemy aircraft shot down in over 600 combat missions. He claimed five confirmed victories with the Messerschmitt Me 262.

Polikarpov I-16 “Chato”: Diorama of the Spanish civil war - Academy 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin

During the Spanish Civil War, there was a manufacturer of Polikarpov I-16 in Alicante (La Rabasa) which production line was set up by the Republicans. They didn’t use the original drawings but they had to copy from the parts of the airplanes sent from the URSS. When the War ended, the tools and airplanes in different assembly stages were moved to a wines cellar in Jerez de la Frontera, the Gonza0lez- Byass’ (source Juan Arraez), creating in this way the “Taller Experimental del Aire” with the direction of Frigate Captain Luis Arias Martinez, naval engineer.

Building the F6F5 Hellcat Drone Eduard #8222 - 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin

For decades, the Drones were just remote controlled airplanes used as practice targets for anti-aircraft gunnery, fighters, etc. This article is based on the Hellcat Edward 1/48 profipack version comprising etched, resin parts and canopy masks.

Building the Messerschmitt Bf-108 Taifun (typhoon) Eduard 1/48 scale

By Jose Angel García Martin

The subject of this article is the Bf-108 Taifun from Eduard in 1/48 scale “profipac” with PE included and as all the kits from this manufacturer is superb. As I usually do, nearly always start with a simple project but finish overcomplicating things, thus I first thought to cut the nose to leave the engine visible but changed my mind and decided to build my model out of the box. Nowadays there are still several aircraft flying, very appreciated by their pilots due to their quality. The plane I want to represent here, belonged to the Royal Yugoslav Air Force.

Spitfire Mk.Vc trop in American hands: Lt. Col. R. A. Ames of the 308th FS 31st FG - Tamiya 1/48 scale

By Jaime Pastor Pueyo
Even though the Spitfire was the British pride during the Wordl War II, it was used by the allies in all war fronts, from Russia to the Reich or North African desert. These Spits were mainly differenced by the bigger air-filter adoption, in order to keep the wonderful performance of the Merlin engine in the desert climate. As well as changing its dress for a more favourable one to fight over the sand.

Building the Spitfire MK.Vb for novices - Hasegawa 1/48 scale

By Mario Zagami

The old Hasegawa kit (#JT6), Supermarine Spitfire MK.Vb “ I.R. GLEED”, comprises 82 parts (28 are not used here) and a decal sheet for three different versions: 244 Wing Commander Ian R. Gleed; 40 (SAAF) Squadron 1943 North Africa and the 601 Squadron Royal Air Force Sicily 1943. It’s a good kit for beginners. This articles aims at sharing this kit construction with the not much experienced readers, using nearly no aftermarket (except for some things you will see later) which would mean a complicated building but adding small details with simple materials such as plastic, wire…etc.

Building the Russian KV2 Hobby Boss 1/48 scale

By Michael Capell
Imagine for a moment being a highly trained and motivated German soldier , with unit moral very high after successful campaigns in Poland and France. With every confidence in your superiors and equipment especially the Panzer spearhead of the advance sweeping every thing in its path. Quite impressive by any standard in history. Then comes the Russian invasion, Operation Barbarossa , and their version of how tanks should be made.

Improving the Piper L-4H Smer 1/48 scale

By Claudio Kalicinski
As you probably know, the Smer kit is a reboxing of the old Heller kit. It’s very basic (as was the real aircraft itself) and molded in a rather soft light grey plastic. As you might expect from a kit of this era, the panel lines are all engraved, but a bit heavy and the fabric surfaces were represented by an inaccurate very rough surface. A bit of sanding will cure that.

Building the F4U-5NL Argentine Corsair from a Hasegawa kit - 1/48 scale

By Fabian Vera

The "Corsair", considered the best World War II naval fighter by many, served admirably not only in its country of origin but also in many other nations. Argentina was one of the countries to use this airplane. Though Argentina intended to buy AD1 or AD3 Skyraiders, the ban imposed by the USA prevented the purchase by the Argentine government from being performed and finally, a larger number of F4U in different versions were bought: the 5, 5N and 5NL. These airplanes served in the Argentine Navy from mid-1957 to the end of 1965.

German secret aircraft of the WWII

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
During World War II, the German aeronautics industry conceived a great number of prototypes and experimental airplanes that, time and again; did not materialize due to politic intrigues, indecisions and all kind of interferences. Some of their proposals were really advanced from a technological point of view. In spite of a generous...

Building the He 162 C in 1/48 scale

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo
A number of advanced follow-on to the Heinkel He 162 A were considered. This aircraft was also used as the basis of possible designs powered by pulsejets engines; thus, He 162 A-10 and A-11 appeared on the drawing boards of German engineers.

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The best of 2018 Over the end of the year, we are offering a preview of the articles we were proud to have during 2018. Enjoy them and happy new year.


By Modeler Site

Problems downloading files

By Mario Covalski

Building the RC Leopard 2A4 1/16 scale A couple of years ago, I discover  www.Ludwigs-Hobby-Seite.de, a web site where Christian Ludwig offers his kits mostly made of  plastic, cut with the CNC technology. So, I found a kit to convert a Heng Long 2A6 to the 2A4, that is to say a previous version.

By Mario Covalski

Converting the Trumpeter T-72 MBT to RC 1/16 scale To improve the Heng Long T-90 I read some books and gathered information/photos from the web. This little research made me know more about these compact Russian tanks T-72/T-90, and so it grew my interest in them. So I bought the 1/16 T-72 Trumpeter kit. This kit was designed not only for static but also for RC. The static version has some extra details and modifications, reminds me the, T-34 from WSN, a brand with which Trumpeter sold the T-34 RC. The philosophy of the T-72 is the same, I still believe that the T-34 gearbox with its motors, would fit in the hull. Perfectly.  

By Mario Covalski

Building and improving the Italeri / Protar Alfa Romeo 179 1980 1/12 scale In May 2001 I wrote a brief preview on the Protar's 1/12 Alfa Romeo 179. This wonderful Formula One was one of the few cars in modern F1 history which chassis and engine were the same brand. Is this model really difficult? This is the key question for this model, and the answer is NO. If it were a Tamiya model, that is to say the same matrix but injected with Tamiya plastic and having the quality control of this huge Japanese company, I would say that this is one of the most delicious models I have ever built. Unfortunately, it has some flaws, mainly due to its poor quality than to the work of the Protar craftsmen.

By Mario Covalski

Tamiya Caterhams, a step by step guide for novices 1/12 scale The first Catherham from Tamiya coming to my hands at the end of 1994, was the “Cycle Fender Special” (10202), since the “Super Seven BDR was out of stock, and it was impossible for me to get it from the stores I used to buy kits. From that moment on, my affair with which, I think is the best scale car kit ever produced, began. And here my comment: probably, you have seen better detailed kits, or even superb models limited editions.

By Rick & Jannine Bennett

Learning to paint figures step by step

By Mario Covalski

Building 1/12 F1 resin model kits: A step by step guide. MG models Ferrari F2002 and F2003- GA This article aims at offering an illustrated guide, with pictures, explaining step by step the tasks that should be done, how to and the reasons, it’s basically a visual guide, based on the construction of two MG models: the 2002 Ferrari and the 2003- GA.

By Jose Antonio Solbes

How to paint with lacquers

By Mario Covalski

Building the IDF M50 radio controled Sherman 1/16 scale Building the M50 in 1/16 scale is a project I have had in mind for many years, and after the M51s (from the article published in May 2012) I felt the need to continue with this one. In this article, I’ll share with the reader my experience in building the M50 RC 1/16 from a Tamiya M4 -105mm with HVSS suspension.

By Mario Covalski

Building the Pocher Lamborghini Huracan, step by step, painting guide and tips. 1/8 scale These are the new times of Pocher, hand in hand with Hornby, the brand that offer models which represent high technology subjects as Lamborghini cars and Ducati motorcycles. Manufactured by Ixo, the Chinese company, they are the fashion of the time, huge 1/8 scale cars with metal body and chassis, already painted (luckily!). They compete with Amalgam and other brands with less expectations but to fit any budget and if you have some experience as model builder, the result will be acceptable and even excellent. The aim of this tutorial is to share the step by step in the Lamborghini Huracán construction, the last Pocher issue explaining the work achieved so that it may be useful for less experienced modelers and collectors.

By Claudio Kalicinski

Scratchbuilding the Nieuport 6H, 1/48 scale I decided to scratchbuild this plane after seeing the scale drawings by Mike Fletcher in his web site: The Nieuport Pages. I sent an E-mail to him and he kindly sent me pictures and larger resolution scale drawings. Once I enlarged the plans to 1/48, I noticed how big the plane was....

By Ricardo Gonzalez

Building and customizing the Tamiya Ducati Panigale S 1/12 scale The Ducatti Panigale is to my liking one of the most spectacular motorcycles of the past decade. Thanks to Tamiya we can have a model of it, both were the reasons why I decided to build it trying to get the most detailed model I could , taking advantage of the fact that as it was a mass production model, it would be possible for me to get a lot of references. Not only I built and superdetailed the model, but also made a slightly and own customized version, a real Panigale, as I would like to have. The aim of this article, is to show with pictures and their comments the work accomplished as a guide and to give ideas of the details that can be added or showing in some cases how to do the different tasks.

By Mario Covalski

Improving the Dragon Kubelwagen 1/6 scale # 75003 Action figure collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Figures made out of different plastic materials based on TV sci-fi series, sci-fi movies (for instance GI Joe action figures) and facts from real life such as the representation of different war scenarios. Soldier figures are commonly made in 1/6 scale, they’re represented with military uniforms made from genuine fabric and the weapons that real soldiers use to have, vehicles included.

By Gary Wickham

Advanced techniques: Building the P-51D Mustang "Lt Col John Myers" Petie 3rd Dragon 1/32 scale The infamous Dragon P-51D in 1/32. This model was started before Tamiya announced their kit, and I have to admit that during this build I did consider scrapping it more than once. In the end, I am very glad I did not. Despite the challenges and limitations of this kit, I am very happy (and proud) of the end result.

By Mario Covalski

Realistic wire wheels for 1/12 scale motorcycles One of the biggest challenges for a modeler who builds motorcycles in 1/12 scale, is to modify a wire wheel and make it look realistic; specially without having to buy an aftermarket kit. Anyway, there are no kits for this kind of modification (except for one of the Acu-stion for the Tamiya XV1600 kit), so it's not possible to get one. So any modeler attempting to do this task must rely in his/her ability in order, to get a good result.

By Denis R.S.Bomfim

Building rusted cars - VW 1966 - 1/24 scale It all started with a joke, I built a rusted Mustang GT 350 to make a gift to a friend who only builds Mustangs. It was at a modelers meeting when he received a homage and the joke consisted of letting him know the arduous remodeling and restoration work he would have with this rusted Mustang. I took advantage of my work and presented it in a contest that took place in Campinas city. Finally, the model was “best of the show” and they called me mad for giving a winning model. My answer was.... I will have to make another rusted model for me.

By Mario Covalski

Improving the Dragon Schwimmwagen - 1/6 scale #75013 Being a car fan, everything that has wheels attracts my attention, nevertheless, the Kubelwagen’s amphibious sibling, went unnoticed by me for quite a long time. After building the 1/6 Dragon Kubel, I was pretty excited with the Schwimmwagen, and the quality of the kit and improvements Dragon introduced a couple of years after the Kubel release, really surprised me. This article aims at offering my view about this kit construction, adding some improvements I considered necessary so as to make a worthy scale model.