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Model Factory Hiro Ferrari 250 GTO 62 1/24 scale

By Alessandro Prini | 07.19.2017 11:45

A photo gallery of other model from the master!

Panda-Hobby Pz.Kpfw.38(t) Ausf.E/F R/C 1/16 scale

By Mario Covalski | 05.23.2017 10:27

When I bought the Luchs from Classy Hobby and the conversion for RC from 35RCtank I asked about the 38(T) conversion which had been out of stock since some years. They told me that would have a reissue in few weeks so I ordered as well. Here the results, I built both models at the same time. It was funny and easier than the Luchs, less the track links which I had to drill one by one with 05mm first and 1mm then. The 38(T) is like a WWI tank plenty of rivets which makes showy the weathering. I enjoyed the build, and as happened with the Luchs I had to modify the sequence of construction to make removable the upper hull. I recommend the kit and conversion, it's a beautiful small tanks but still 1/16 for those who like the big scale. I didn’t write an article because there are many online and since the point of view of the RC conversion is similar to the Luchs' , so you can have references from there.

Superdetailed Tamiya Williams FW14B 1/12 scale

By Omoto Kouzi | 05.18.2017 12:35

This is an outstanding work from our friend Omoto Kouzi. We hope you enjoy the pictures and encourage you to build a Tamiya Williams. We have a tutorials about the kit, not so detailed but good guide enough for newcomers.

Superdetailed Tamiya McLaren Mp 4/6 1/12 scale

By Omoto Kouzi | 05.15.2017 11:56

This is an outstanding work from our friend Omoto Kouzi. We hope you enjoy the pictures and encourage you to build a Tamiya McLaren 4/6. We have a tutorials about the kit, not so detailed but good guide enough for newcomers.

Tamiya Yamaha YZR-M1 09 Monster Yamahatec 3 1/12 scale

By Ricardo Gonzalez | 03.20.2017 11:06

Italeri MTB PT-109 #05613 1/35 scale

By Mario Covalski | 04.01.2016 11:03

Some year ago I built the large Italeri kit, an amazing piece. It's so big to be static and I converted to RC. I made some modifications to be able to remove a portion of the deck to maintenance and charge the battery. I painted grey as it was before to be fleet to the Pacific.

Tamiya King Tiger Porsche turret R/C 1/16 scale

By Mario Covalski | 01.04.2016 14:50

I took advantage of the end of the year to make the final touches to the KT Porsche turret. It was all a challenge for me the weathering and made it RC.

Hasegawa Honda RS250RW 2007 1/12 scale

By Ricardo Gonzalez | 12.22.2015 13:47

Datsun 240Z Safari Tamiya 1/12 scale

By Thomas Halvarsson | 03.01.2015 14:12

Heng Long M41 Walker Bulldog R/C improved 1/16 scale

By Mario Covalski | 01.01.2015 19:24

This is a Heng Long M41 radio controled which I improved... a lot!

Yardley McLaren M23 - photo array

By Fabrice Marechal | 11.04.2014 20:07

Tamiya Yamaha XS1100 Midnight Special - 1/6 scale

By Mario Covalski | 05.07.2014 12:00

Scania 124c 470 8x4 truck transporter 1/24 scale

By Erik Fontein | 10.20.2013 11:00

This typical Danish truck is used by FALCK in Denmark for transport of a range of vehicles. For not drivable cars, campervans, trucks, forklifts, 4x4, agricultural vehicles etc. But of origin is it intended for the transport of broken and stranded agricultural vehicles. Many farmers in Denmark are connected to the FALCK organization. So if there's an agriculture vehicle with technical problems or stuck, than FALCK will help. During a holiday in Denmark I have been given the opportunity to take photos of a similar vehicle and trailer. Also I could take the measures of both.

Porsche 911 Roadster - Tamiya based 1/12

By Mario Covalski | 10.11.2013 21:07

Tamiya Caterham: the last ones - 1/12 scale

By Mario Covalski | 10.02.2013 11:21

I have been building the 1/12 Caterham from Tamiya since 1994, right now I don’t remember how many of them I have built but think I did 14 of them. Some were sold other remains in my showcase. In fact I built more as I use to disassemble the old ones and with new techniques and / or inspiration I make new ones, always letting my imagination fly freely.

AMT 34 Ford Red Skin - 1/25 scale

By Denis R.S.Bomfim | 06.24.2013 10:16

This kit is the AMT 34 Ford very modified. When I opened the kit box inmediuately I realized I wanted to make a different car, and using references of real cars, I got this result. The roof was lowered, the door windows were changed, for the nose I used the one from the 37 Ford Delivery. The front grille was scratchbuilt, I placed the exhausts on the side, the fuel fill cap on the fender, all the interior was remade. Many other details can be seen in the pictures. I hope you like it ...!

Super detailed Repsol Honda RC211V 2006 - Tamiya 1/12 scale

By Martin Ulreich | 05.23.2013 10:19

This winter I tried to do a row of 3 RC211V bikes, one of them detailed with the corresponding top studio kit and some more stuff. There was some learning curve associated to all that detail, at least for me, but also a lots of fun. A big issue was the handling of Alclad treated parts, it is very easy to damage the metallic look of the paint. In the meantime Alclad offers a water based sealer that shows promising results and should help here.

1/16 Jagdtiger from Matorro for R/C

By Henschelporsche | 05.16.2013 12:58

This is a highly detailed 1/6 Jagdtiger, based o n the Matorro R/C toy.  Michael did a great job with all the added details plus the extensive and deep weathering.  Have in account this baby is 60cm long!

Mitsubishi Pajero Dakar 1992 Tamiya 1/24 scale

By Alessandro Prini | 04.03.2013 12:50

Harley Davidson WLA Italeri 1/9 scale

By Giulio Marrucci | 04.02.2013 10:24

The old ESCI kit reissued by Italeri. Good size and detail. The moulding quality is not so bad considering the age. You need a lot of sandpaper to correctly shape almost the entire model. Decals: good quality, poor choice. Painted with model master. Wash with Vallejo. Dry brushed with Tamiya Weathering Master and Mr. Hobby powder. Suggestion: pre assemble as much as you can according to the colours and paint/weather the remaining separately. The leather and wooden parts have been painted using Vallejo acrylic. The fabric has been reproduced with tissue paper hardened with diluted white glue.

T-40 Amphibious Soviet Light Tank from STC Start 1/35 scale

By Alvaro Bortoletto | 04.01.2013 11:09

This is one of those challenges that we keep us motived for make a model kit better. This a veteran T-40 Light Tank from STC Start from Russia probably from the long ago eighties............

Italeri MAN F8 6x4 with BRO recovery unit 1/24 scale

By Erik Fontein | 03.26.2013 19:59

For this model I have used the reissue of the Italeri MAN 26.321 Formul6 kit. For references taken from the internet I removed the sleeper from the cab. On the roof rack, which was intended for the spoiler, I have a headlight and beacons placed. From the bumper I have removed the under spoiler and behind the cab is a vertical exhaust and air filter installed.

Hasegawa Lancia 037 Rally 1984 Tour de Corse 1/24 scale

By Daniele Limelli | 03.11.2013 10:51

Revell engines 1/6 scale

By Mario Covalski | 02.01.2013 12:02

M1126 Stryker from AFV Club 1/35 scale

By David Chou | 01.27.2013 08:59

These ones are both of the Stryker ICV I built. My latest work is the M1126 Stryker.
The AFV kits were built almost out of the box, but I added some storage accessories made of resin from Blast Model/Legend.

MFH Ferrari 512BB LM 1979 1/24 scale

By Alessandro Prini | 01.24.2013 20:44

1/24 scale Multi-media Kit of the Ferrari 512BB Le Mans '79. Model Factory Hiro's full kits include resin-cast bodies, rubber tires, aluminum wheels, white metal suspension, photo-etched detail parts and decals. Full engine detail makes for a more complicated kit. Markings are included for N.A.R.T.'s number 64 (Henn/Delaunay/Grandet).

Subaru Impreza WRC 1998 1/24 scale

By Alessandro Prini | 01.16.2013 12:21

Our magazine aimed since the beginning to have good content in the articles we proposed, explaining step by step the "how to" of each subject. However there was few cases where only the pictures were enough to understand how terrific a model was, and I sincerely believe this is one of them. I like very much the rally Subarus, mainly the coupes 98 and 99, and Alessandro did a good modelling work with both Tamiya 24199 kits, the Subaru Impreza WRC 1998.

Tamiya BMW R75/5 1/6 scale

By Mario Covalski | 02.01.2010 10:50

Tamiya BMW R90S 1/6 scale

By Mario Covalski | 02.01.2010 10:48

Tamiya Honda CB750F 1/6 scale

By Mario Covalski | 11.01.2003 11:54

Sometimes, something particular comes about to those lucky modelers who have been doing scale modeling for many years… to compare between two models built by the same author, but ...20 years back. (My dear friends, believe me, I wish I could be 20 years younger, and not writing this editorial :-).

Pocher Ferrari Testarossa 1/8 scale

By Mario Covalski | 03.01.2000 14:46

F-15 Eagle He'yl Ha' Avir 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Fishbed-J Academy 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

MiG-17 Trumpeter 1/32

By Diego Vedelago

MiG-29 Fulcrum-A Academy 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Sukhoi Su-17M3 Kopro 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Ferrari 410 S Ch.0598 1/43 scale

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Mack H-67ST 6x4 1/25 scale

By Erik Fontein

Ferrari F40 LM Pocher 1/8

By Roger Knight

Nissan Skyline Reebok Fujimi 1/12

By Thomas Halvarsson

Toleman TG183B 1/20

By Davide Negretti

Ferrari T5 Monaco GP 1980 1/20

By Davide Negretti

T55 from PST 1/72 scale

By William Toledo Ferreira

Lamborghini Miura Fujimi 1/24

By Marco Smeriglio

Ferrari 158 F1 1/43

By Roberto Quaranta

Ferrari 126 C2 GP Belgica, Tameo 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Ferrari 126 C3 German GP, Tameo 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Ferrari 3124 T4, Tameo 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Lotus 72 German GP 1970, Tameo 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Mexican F-5F 1/48

By Jorge Bonilla

Ferrari 250P Le Mans 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Jaguar D type Le Mans 1957 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Ferrari 250 Breadvan 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Matra MS 660 Le Mans 1970 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Talbot T26 GS Le Mans 1950 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Shelby Cobra 427, Le Phoenix 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Brabham Alfa Romeo BT45 Tameo 1/43

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Toyota 88CV Tamiya 1/24

By Greg Hayes

Monogram Su-25 1/48

By Jorge Bonilla

Tamiya Sierra Cosworth 1/24 scale

By Roberto Jacobone

Arrows A3 1980 1/24th

By Pter Doekalek

MG TC, Gakken 1/16

By Martin Swire

Honda 750F, Tamiya 1/6

By Jose Luis Gutierrez

Troy Bayliss' Ducati 998 Italeri 1/9

By Sasa Jelic from Croatia

Ducati Desmosedici Italeri 1/9

By Sasa Jelic from Croatia

Renault Re23 Revell 1/24

By John Horst

Peugeot 206 rally 2003

By Francisco Manuel Martín Cobos

Toyota TF102 Revell 1/24

By John Horst

Lancia 037 Rally 1/24

By Rui Amará Mendes

The Hobby Shop 1/12th scale

By Dennis Nowicki

F-14A Tomcat / Diorama

By Masa Narita

Shelby Eleanor

By Felice Ferriello

IAI Dagger - FAA Malvinas 1/72

By Marcelo Ribeiro

Ferrari 365 GTB

By Carlos Perez

Airfix Ju-87 R2, 1/24 scale

By Edward Lowdell

Yoshimura Hayabusa X-1

By Mark Jones

Mazda 787B

By Peter Go

Bandai 1/16 Lotus 38

By Thomas Halvarsson

Tamiya Williams FW24 1/20 scale

By Alexander Hague

Protar Ducati 916 1/9 scale

By Alexander Hague

Hasegawa 1/24 WRC Subaru

By Darren Maharaj

Pocher Alfa Romeo

By Paul Koo

Suzuki RGV, 1/12th

By Ricardo Gonzalez

1/8 Nagano Kawasaki Z750

By Alex Klein

Zvezda Zis-5 1/35th

By Russ Sharp

1/24 Tamiya BMW Z3 Roadster

By Roberto Jacobone

Ferrari 550 Maranello

By Alexander Hague

S27 Ferrari 2002

By Alexander Hague

Peugeot 206 rally 2003

By Alexander Hague

Ferrari Modena Tamiya 1-24

By Andrea Massone

Fujimi 1/48 Mitsubishi F-1

By Sebastian Lim

Fujimi Porche Carrera

By Marc Van de Vyver

Pocher Alfa

By Rafael Zambrino

Honda NR

By Guy Golsteyn

Argentine Navy AT-6 Texan

By Jorge Dominguez

Phantom Anniversary 1/48 scale

By Jorge Dominguez

A7-A Corsair II 1/48 scale

By Jorge Dominguez

Peugeot 405 T16 GR 1/24 scale

By Carlos Ziegler

Esci's F16 cockpit 1/12 scale

By Jorge Dominguez

Ferrari Daytona Scuderia Svezia

By Juan Madrazo Revilla

Argentine Navy F9-F Panther

By Pablo Gonzalez

Raybrig NSX Tamiya 1/24 scale

By Steve Desarzens

Ersatz M10 1/35 scale

By Alfredo Casciani


By Reuben Saliba

Opel GT AMT kit # 31226

By Jean-Paul Spa

Lippisch P-13A Mauve 1/48

By Marcelo Scaminaci Russo

Tamiya 18t Half-Track Sd.Kfz.9 Famo, 1/35 scale

By Nicolas Perez Fiorentini

Although the Tamiya kit is brilliant there are some interesting adds or modifications you could do. In my case I used, for details, a PE set from PART. This kit contains two PE sheets, one to detail the truck itself and the other one is a tools set to give the model more realism.

Theodore Racing Wolf 1/12 scale

By Thomas Halvarsson

1/35th German figures

By Filippo Chessa

F1 car diorama

By Diego Perri

Porsche GT3 Supercup car

By Ralph Lugten

Tamiya's Matra MS11 1/12

By Tony Allen


By Russ Sharp

Berlin Flak

By Russ Sharp

British 6pdr Gun Portee

By Russ Sharp

Honda Pons NSR5000 '01

By David Girard

Yamaha Tech3 YZR500 01

By David Girard

Ferrari dino 166F2 1/12

By Domenico Laudiero

F-5E Lightning 1/48

By Masahiko Suzuki

M13/40 Command tank

By Russ Sharp

Panzer III

By Russ Sharp

A Scout Carrier

By Russ Sharp


By Russ Sharp

Italeri DUKW

By Russ Sharp

Ferrari Enzo Tamiya 1/24

By Felice Ferriello

Spitfire MKI Tamiya 1/48

By Rino Righi

Syrian Pz-IV Ausf. J

By Marco Aurelio Preto

Argentinian VCTP From Tamiya 1/35

By Diethelm Berlage

Fairey Gannet 1/72

By Orlando Rueda

Benetton B192 F1, 1/20 scale

By Maurizio Bonello

Arrows A3 1980, 1/20 scale

By Marco Peretti

Matra MS10 F1, 1/20 scale

By Marco Peretti

Leopard 1V-Chile Revell 1/35

By Diethelm Berlage

On the border

By Russ Sharp

BRM P-160 Iritani 1/20

By Luiz Iritani

Marder III H - Smart Kit Dragon 1/35

By Jaroslaw Witkowski

Honda Racer Tamiya 1/6 scale

By Mario Covalski

Suzuki Nuda 1/12

By Yi-Hung Tsai

Crusader Mk. 1 1/35

By Simon Chong

Tyrrell P34 76, Tamiya 1/20

By Alessandro Prini

Tyrrell P34 1977, Wave 1/24

By Alessandro Prini

LAV-25 USMC Piranha

By Simon Chong

F-86F Sabre JASDF

By Asao Shirai

Repsol Porsche 911 GT2

By Gergo Marosi

Volvo F12 6x4 1/24 scale

By Erik Fontein

Scania 144l 530t 1/24

By Erik Fontein

CH 46D the Guardian 1/48

By Giulio Marrucci

Boeing B-47E

By Asao Shirai

Sauber - Mercedes C9 LM 1987

By Rene Bobrovsky

Field Aid Station

By Russ Sharp


By Russ Sharp

Winter silence

By Russ Sharp

German halftrack Sdkfz7

By Russ Sharp

Ardennes ‘44

By Russ Sharp

Otaki Porsche 911 Turbo 1/12 scale

By Thomas Halvarsson

Entex Mercer 1/16 scale

By Tony Allen

Kawasaki Z1, Aoshima 1/12

By Roman Kepinski

BMW 3.5 CSL Doyusha 1/12

By Thomas Halvarsson

Ferrari 312P Fisher 1/24

By Alessandro Prini

Harley davidson Chopper Revell 1/8

By Edwing E. Merlo Paredes

Albatross DI Roden 1/32

By Thomas Halvarsson

Mig 17F Smer 1/48

By Giulio Marrucci

L-39 MPM 1/48

By Diego Vedelago

Triumph 3HW Esci 1/9

By Giulio Marrucci

Honda S600 Cab. 1965. 1/12 scale

By Thomas Halvarsson

Corvette 1978 - Doyusha 1/12 scale

By Thomas Halvarsson

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The best of 2017 Over the end of the year, we are offering a preview of the articles we were proud to have during 2017. Enjoy them and happy new year.


By Modeler Site

Problems downloading files

By Mario Covalski

Realistic wire wheels for 1/12 scale motorcycles One of the biggest challenges for a modeler who builds motorcycles in 1/12 scale, is to modify a wire wheel and make it look realistic; specially without having to buy an aftermarket kit. Anyway, there are no kits for this kind of modification (except for one of the Acu-stion for the Tamiya XV1600 kit), so it's not possible to get one. So any modeler attempting to do this task must rely in his/her ability in order, to get a good result.

By Mario Covalski

Improving the Dragon Schwimmwagen - 1/6 scale #75013 Being a car fan, everything that has wheels attracts my attention, nevertheless, the Kubelwagen’s amphibious sibling, went unnoticed by me for quite a long time. After building the 1/6 Dragon Kubel, I was pretty excited with the Schwimmwagen, and the quality of the kit and improvements Dragon introduced a couple of years after the Kubel release, really surprised me. This article aims at offering my view about this kit construction, adding some improvements I considered necessary so as to make a worthy scale model.

By Gary Wickham

Advanced techniques: Building the P-51D Mustang "Lt Col John Myers" Petie 3rd Dragon 1/32 scale The infamous Dragon P-51D in 1/32. This model was started before Tamiya announced their kit, and I have to admit that during this build I did consider scrapping it more than once. In the end, I am very glad I did not. Despite the challenges and limitations of this kit, I am very happy (and proud) of the end result.

By Edwing E. Merlo Paredes

Building the Mini Cooper S Countryman, a guide for beginners Hasegawa #24121 - 1/24 scale The aim of this article is to give the reader a detailed and comprehensive guide. Here you’ll have typical indications for the most experienced modelers but very useful for newcomers or for those about to take their first steps into scale model cars. In spite that this kit is simple, it’s very important to follow the instructions to avoid unexpected surprises. In spite that modelers use to skip or change the order in the instruction steps, I’ll build this kit as per instructions.

By Patricio Delfosse

Building the T-34/100 – from a T34/85 and scratch 1/35 scale The T-34 is one of the vehicles with longer operative life. Even, many are on service today in some third world countries, and until a few years ago, in Europe, they were seeing action in the former Yugoslavia. Among all the versions developed, this accomplished by the Egyptian, is the one that seems more attractive to me. In the ‘70s with the surplus of T-34 chassis, surpassed by more modern tanks, they decided to mount the Soviet 100mm BS-3 gun...

By Mario Covalski

Building the M36B1 tank destroyer 1/16 scale R/C The M36B1 was a mix of the M36 Jackson turret with its 90mm cannon, that would be used later in the Pershing, and a M4A3 Sherman chassis. This vehicle was in response to Americans to be able to face in better conditions the big German tanks during WWII. It was not a tank in the strict meaning of the word since it served as tank killer, however, in the pictures of that period, they can be seen as infantry support tanks. This article aims at sharing with you my experience building a 1/16 M36B1 R/C.

By Mario Covalski

Tamiya Caterhams, a step by step guide for novices 1/12 scale The first Catherham from Tamiya coming to my hands at the end of 1994, was the “Cycle Fender Special” (10202), since the “Super Seven BDR was out of stock, and it was impossible for me to get it from the stores I used to buy kits. From that moment on, my affair with which, I think is the best scale car kit ever produced, began. And here my comment: probably, you have seen better detailed kits, or even superb models limited editions.

By Mario Covalski

Building the Kawasaki Z750 Police from Tamiya / Aoshima kits - 1/12 scale In 1976 Kawasaki launched the model Z750, a smaller sister to the Z900, adapted to the requirements of the Japanese market. To my knowledge, the Z900 was an improved copy of the Honda CB750Four and, as it was common to Japanese manufacturers, each new model included several versions in order to cover the requirements of the Japanese police. This model was inspired in a small picture from the '70 decades. the picture was showing a Z750 model, perhaps a 1978 version, for the police, with the color and characteristics of the Japanese Police.

By Claudio Kalicinski

Scratchbuilding the Nieuport 6H, 1/48 scale I decided to scratchbuild this plane after seeing the scale drawings by Mike Fletcher in his web site: The Nieuport Pages. I sent an E-mail to him and he kindly sent me pictures and larger resolution scale drawings. Once I enlarged the plans to 1/48, I noticed how big the plane was....

By Patricio Delfosse

Building the KV-220 from scratch / Trumpeter kit 1/35 scale The aim of this article is to share with the reader the work accomplished some years ago to build a model of a Russian tank KV-220 of the WWII. The modeler psyche is at times, curious, being so many kits available, some day we say “this is the model I want to have!” either because we saw pictures or read something about it in a book, a message in a forum... etc. No matter how, the only way to have it, is to get down to work, and I did so.

By Mario Covalski

Building the M4A1E8 Sherman IDF service RC 1/16 scale My liking for the Sherman started 25 years ago when I built the first version of the Tamiya M4 RC kit. In 2007, I decided to build all the versions, at least the available kits. At that moment I realized that to speak about the Sherman, you have to know a lot about it, and that is almost impossible to build all the versions. On the other hand, I found that I didn’t feel comfortable building in 1/35 scale, so, I left the project aside. Anyway, I went on reading and learning about Shermans, mainly the Israeli versions, just to check the little I know and the great many variants that are nearly impossible to list.

By Denis R.S.Bomfim

Building rusted cars - VW 1966 - 1/24 scale It all started with a joke, I built a rusted Mustang GT 350 to make a gift to a friend who only builds Mustangs. It was at a modelers meeting when he received a homage and the joke consisted of letting him know the arduous remodeling and restoration work he would have with this rusted Mustang. I took advantage of my work and presented it in a contest that took place in Campinas city. Finally, the model was “best of the show” and they called me mad for giving a winning model. My answer was.... I will have to make another rusted model for me.

By Mario Covalski

Building the IDF M50 radio controled Sherman 1/16 scale Building the M50 in 1/16 scale is a project I have had in mind for many years, and after the M51s (from the article published in May 2012) I felt the need to continue with this one. In this article, I’ll share with the reader my experience in building the M50 RC 1/16 from a Tamiya M4 -105mm with HVSS suspension.

By Mario Covalski

Building an accurate M51 Isherman from the Tamiya RC kit 1/16 scale There were many versions of the Sherman, however, the last modification the Israelis made on them, is to my liking, the most showy and the one that converted a WWII tank into one of the 60 and 70 decades. I’ll not extend in describing the history of the M51, there’s a lot of information in books and internet, just enough to say that, as well as the M50, there were so many variants, that it’s recommended to build one tank in particular if you look for historical accuracy. As is my custom….I didn’t do so and just made generic versions that could have really existed. The aim of this article is to share with the reader the 250 hours of work to convert the erroneous Tamiya 1/16 RC kit into two acceptable M51. This is not an article for you to copy exactly what I did, but it may give you ideas of how to or get the basic things you need to build two versions of the M51.

By Claudio Kalicinski

Building the Lindberg Curtiss JN-4D Jenny 1/48 scale The machine I decided to depict was a Curtiss JN-4D trainer based at Love Field, Texas during 1918. A picture of this plane can be found at the Profile Publications book about the Curtiss JN.

By Mario Covalski

Building 1/12 F1 resin model kits: A step by step guide for novices This article aims at offering an illustrated guide, with pictures, explaining step by step the tasks that should be done, how to and the reasons, it’s basically a visual guide, based on the construction of two MG models: the 2002 Ferrari and the 2003- GA.

By Rick & Jannine Bennett

Learning to paint figures step by step

By Jose Antonio Solbes

How to paint with lacquers

By Pablo Raggi

Scratchbuilding the IDF Leyland Contractor - 1/35 scale I always liked the transport vehicles especially the IDF transport trucks. When I got the Leyland blueprint and knowing it was difficult that a manufacturer of plastic kits made a release, I thought it was time to build it from scratch. Though it’s not easy to copy a scratchbuilt work, this article aims at sharing with readers the work accomplished, encouraging them to face the process of building a scale model "from scratch".

By Mario Covalski

Improving the Dragon Kubelwagen 1/6 scale # 75003 Action figure collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Figures made out of different plastic materials based on TV sci-fi series, sci-fi movies (for instance GI Joe action figures) and facts from real life such as the representation of different war scenarios. Soldier figures are commonly made in 1/6 scale, they’re represented with military uniforms made from genuine fabric and the weapons that real soldiers use to have, vehicles included.

By Eduardo Andreoli

Scratchbuilding military vehicles - Ford C11 ADF - 1/35 scale The art of starting a model or project from scratch, is almost literally, the art of building from the bottom up. This is really exciting. Often a desired model is unavailable in some scale or entirely non-existent. Sometimes the hobbyist may be dissatisfied with the accuracy or detail of kits that are available. Other times a hobbyist will opt to scratchbuild simply for the challenge, which gives us the opportunity to give free rein to our imagination to solve problems of construction and once finished to complete our collection with a singular piece. My intention through this article is to share with you several tips of the scratchbuilding world and the way I solve the difficulties I have to face, in this case building the Ford C11 ADF.