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Go on buying... though… 

By Mario Covalski  

During the last months, I started pondering, as I always use to, about how long life lasts, what we expect to do along it, how many projects do we intend to face that in general we don’t have much time to spend on. I would like to call your attention on a fact I believe use to happen to all modelers, our collection of boxes.

In my opinion, the first stage of a modeler who undertakes this activity in his adulthood, is BUY, keeping the same attitude along the whole life in relation to modelling. Every subject that gets us excited, every project that calls our attention or let’s say everything we wish within the modelling activity, finishes in one way or another in the hobby shop.

Thus, it’s usual to see modelers that having been engaged with this hobby for seven or eight years, have gathered about 200 or 300 kits.

Making a simple estimate about how many years I think I’ll go on modelling per the number of models I build during a year, one can easily arrive to the conclusion that something doesn’t work. For example, if thinking that I’ll go on modelling for at least 20 years more onwards, and I’m able to construct 10 kits a year, then…20 x 10 = 200.

This means that at the end of 20 years and having built 10 models per year, I would have got an average collection.

This sounds like an utopia, Who can build 10 models a year during 20 years without making a stop?, and the new ones that will be appearing?, and if I want to have a sabbatical year?…or if I only build one kit a year as many model builders I know do?

And here, we face with the hard reality, our dreams will quickly turn frustrated when sooner or later we take this calculus into consideration. Okay, I know…I’m already frustrating dreams :-).

Here below I’ll list some thoughts about what you could do to avoid feeling frustration because you couldn’t build, everything you collected with so much love…

1) Go ahead and keep up buying!!!…:-), is one of most exciting aspects of our hobby, to receive a new box. You couldn’t deprive yourself, Could you?. Guess my answer…
Now then, think about the subjects you’ll choose, buy just what really captures your attention, those that although not being built immediately, may be devoted to other aims that will be explained later on.

2) If you’re building models, and your calculus gives such a ridiculous number like the one I offer above, you’d rather take a decision:
a) Build a superdetailed model per year, in this case you might collect quite a limited (as your life lasts) amount of superb models.
b) Devote to straight from the box projects, in this way you’ll add to your collection along few years, your most liked models, furthermore if you’re skilful enough, you’ll succeed in reproducing beautiful models with neither much time-consuming nor effort.

The decision is yours, of course, I just intend to show you objectively the number possible chances, however after having built models for more than 40 years, proving myself that I can construct very good ones, it’s time to begin myself enjoying from plastic…and not the other way around

3) If even after making your own decision on building straight from the box, your calculus is still ridiculous, you can choose between two ways:
a) Be a happy collector, there are too many; think it over what you really want to build and which kits you’ll get for collection purposes, perhaps some fine day, if you choose well or buy on the Internet discontinued subjects, you’ll come across a capital stock, it’s funny and you’ll get in with kits.
b) Perhaps, the most difficult decision would be, giving others to build some kits in commission. If you’ve enough funds in your purse, contact other modellers, don’t be ashamed; you can build yours, but at the same time you may be adding some items that you dream of seeing on the shelves, consult your friends or acquaintances, probably you meet a couple of modelers intending to try this work, and even with pleasure.

4)If you didn’t feel identified with none of the abovementioned, and you’re happy buying boxes, even knowing that you’ll not be able to build them… keep up that way!, and forget this editorial, because…

Plastic modeling is an amusing and recreational activity that lets us enjoy our free time, and, although for some people means the way to earn their living, it’s still done with love and pleasure, all the while keeping in mind that it’s a pastime that aims at helping human beings feel happiness, at last the main goal in life! Don’t you think so?.

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Improving the Dragon Kubelwagen 1/6 scale # 75003 Action figure collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Figures made out of different plastic materials based on TV sci-fi series, sci-fi movies (for instance GI Joe action figures) and facts from real life such as the representation of different war scenarios. Soldier figures are commonly made in 1/6 scale, they’re represented with military uniforms made from genuine fabric and the weapons that real soldiers use to have, vehicles included.

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Advanced techniques: Building the P-51D Mustang "Lt Col John Myers" Petie 3rd Dragon 1/32 scale The infamous Dragon P-51D in 1/32. This model was started before Tamiya announced their kit, and I have to admit that during this build I did consider scrapping it more than once. In the end, I am very glad I did not. Despite the challenges and limitations of this kit, I am very happy (and proud) of the end result.

By Mario Covalski

Realistic wire wheels for 1/12 scale motorcycles One of the biggest challenges for a modeler who builds motorcycles in 1/12 scale, is to modify a wire wheel and make it look realistic; specially without having to buy an aftermarket kit. Anyway, there are no kits for this kind of modification (except for one of the Acu-stion for the Tamiya XV1600 kit), so it's not possible to get one. So any modeler attempting to do this task must rely in his/her ability in order, to get a good result.

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Building rusted cars - VW 1966 - 1/24 scale It all started with a joke, I built a rusted Mustang GT 350 to make a gift to a friend who only builds Mustangs. It was at a modelers meeting when he received a homage and the joke consisted of letting him know the arduous remodeling and restoration work he would have with this rusted Mustang. I took advantage of my work and presented it in a contest that took place in Campinas city. Finally, the model was “best of the show” and they called me mad for giving a winning model. My answer was.... I will have to make another rusted model for me.

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Improving the Dragon Schwimmwagen - 1/6 scale #75013 Being a car fan, everything that has wheels attracts my attention, nevertheless, the Kubelwagen’s amphibious sibling, went unnoticed by me for quite a long time. After building the 1/6 Dragon Kubel, I was pretty excited with the Schwimmwagen, and the quality of the kit and improvements Dragon introduced a couple of years after the Kubel release, really surprised me. This article aims at offering my view about this kit construction, adding some improvements I considered necessary so as to make a worthy scale model.