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Tamiya's Ferrari F1-2000 1/20 scale, Build report

Part I

by  Torsten Engel


The Ferrari F1-2000, which Michael Schumacher won with, the 2000 World Championship; is the last 1/20 scale Tamiya's release. Here we have a pictures' review, of the model and its building.


f1_2000_01.jpg (29486 Byte)

f1_2000_03.jpg (30590 Byte)

f1_2000_02.jpg (27154 Byte)

The "red" Parts from the Kit. The monocoque is molded in one part. The engine cowling came with 3 part and the nose is a separate part, like the McLaren-Kit.

The "black" parts: The suspension part are very thin. The rims have a valve. The engine is very fine detailed.

f1_2000_04.jpg (14948 Byte)

f1_2000_06.jpg (14493 Byte)

f1_2000_08.jpg (14770 Byte)

The "clear" parts: Windscreen, Taillamp and 2 display parts

Studio 27 Decal Sheet with Marlboro-Markings and the "Nummer One" from Japanes GP. The Ferrari-Team celebrate his championship win with the "1" of Schumachers car.
Main Decal sheet with White Markings for rear and front wing. Red Markings for the Undertray.
Metal Sticker (gold and Silver) for rear wing and rear suspension.

The grooved tyers with markings. They look better as the "decaled" versions from over Tamiya kits.

f1_2000_09.jpg (14564 Byte)

f1_2000_10.jpg (21275 Byte)

f1_2000_11.jpg (11803 Byte)

Mounted Engine with rear suspension and exhaust pipes. I will build this kit straigt out of box without detailing.

Painted brakes. The are fine detailed.

f1_2000_12.jpg (27412 Byte)

f1_2000_13.jpg (25200 Byte)

f1_2000_14.jpg (21681 Byte)

Painted and "decaled" rims. The center locks must be painted still red and blue.

Rear Wing: I removed the "white" element from the main wing. So I could paint both parts separately.
Front Wing: I painted the top face in a red way, the bottom black. Then I positioned the white Decals. The cover strength is very good.

The Red is on. First I primed the parts. Then I painted the parts with bright white's. To the end the parts with "Tamiya TS-49 (Bright Red)" were painted.

f1_2000_15.jpg (23461 Byte)

f1_2000_16.jpg (20964 Byte)

f1_2000_17.jpg (21681 Byte)

f1_2000_18.jpg (23732 Byte)

I painted the red fields and the fade from red to black of the Undertray with the Airbrush.

Engine Cover: First with the Airbrush the red raised. Connecting with hand the black and silvery sections paints.

f1_2000_19.jpg (18245 Byte)

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