Formula one

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Tamiya's Ferrari F1-2000 1/20 scale, Build report 

Part II

   by  Torsten Engel


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Completed Wheels with hand painted center lock.
Arrangement of the wheels between McLaren and Ferrari. In my opinion the "Brigestone" logo of the Ferrari, looks finest and better .

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Some views from the completed car. The Studio 27 "Marlboro" Decals sticks very well to wings and engine cover. The steering wheel counters were painted by hand ("Mr. slow hand"). The Car in this Configuration runs only in Hungary-Qualifiy.
The "Badgeboards" were changed to the GP France. For the version to the GP of Japan the front wing must be changed.

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Fit test with the Driver figure from the Tamiya "Driver and Engineer Set".

The Driver figure fits without problems into the seat.


All you need to build a driver like Schumacher is:
from Tamiya: Driver and Engineer Set

from Treasure Hunt: the Driver figure, they come with three Helmets, one looks like Schumacher's, but the figure don't fit into the seat and the 


You can order this stuff by

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1/20 Driver figure

Decal sheet for Ferrari and Jaguar's figures



A very beautiful kit. Simply to build, however, the painting is a little bit difficult. The tubes to the radiators could be carried out completely. It is not simple to mount the engine cover.


And now this kit in the Scale 1:12 ... (I know that it is a dream !)