Fujimi 1/48 Mitsubishi F-1


Author Sebastian Lim


The Mitsubishi F-1 is Japan's first locally designed and built jet. At a glance, the F-1 resembles the Jaguar, albeit being longer in fuselage length. Making its debut in mid-70s, two variants, namely the F-1 & T-2 trainer. The F-1 is classified as a fighter-bomber, armed with either 500lb or 750lb bombs, and rocket pods. When equipped in secondary anti-shipping roles, the F-1 are being armed with 2x ASM-1 (Type 80) and a pair of AIM-9L Sidewinder + internal 20mm cannon for self-defense. Despite its age, relative combat radius and outdated avionics, the F-1 remains a potent platform in the hands of experience flight crew.

Model shown here belongs to the 3rd TFS, with the Samurai emblem & 'drooling shark-mouth'. I'd noticed that there were several other shark-mouth schemes within the unit itself. In fact, not all JASDF F-1 applies a standard 3-tone camo since various patterns were seen throughout its service. As for the payload, i opted for the following:

* 2x ASM-1 (Type 80)
* 2x AIM-9L
* 1x 220gal drop tank
* 1x JM61 20mm internal cannon