Berlin Flak


Author Russ Sharp


Remnants of better days gone by still hang from the lampstandards in the final throws of the Reich.
Everything available is thrown into the street battle, the Russians are coming.
The model is the Tamiya 20mm Flakvierling Quad set up at one end of a street to slow the enemy. The motorcycle is from Italeri. The wall is a piece of foam, the door is plastic stock, the various bits of personal gear are from the parts box and the figures are from Tamiya.
The brick road areas are flattened clean clay scribed into bricks with rubble made from stained hardened clay broken up, cat litter was also used.
The signs and poster are from Verlinden and Tamiya, the lamp is from Tamiya and the parade banner was scratched. The tree is again a fake flower arrangement item.

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