1/24 Tamiya BMW Z3 Roadster


Author Roberto Jacobone


The Z3 has been built on February, this year, for the local TamiyaCon. As my previous SL 500, has been built almost box stock.
The only exceptions are the exhaust pipes replaced with aluminum pipes, the seat belts (adhesive tape + photo-etch) and the side mirrors in white metal from the Racing43 Stratos. The tires come from the Tamiya Mustang Cobra R, the wheels come from an Aoshima 1/24 set (Altstadt 18).
Painting process as usual: coat of plastic sealer, coat of automotive primer, 2 light coats of nitro-acrylic mica green, final heavy coat of automotive epoxy clear.
Only the hood has been polished with automotive coarse wax and Amway Silicon Glaze to remove some residuals.