Yugoslav M3A3 Antiaircraft Vehicle 1/35 scale


by  Alfredo Casciani


To the end of WWII, irregular communist troops commanded by the after becoming famous Yugoslav leader Tito, received 56 M3A3 Stuarts and were trained in England.
In few of them the turrets were replaced with antiaircraft guns Flak 38, captured to German troops.

Alfredo used Tamiya’s kits, M5A1 (# 35097) and a German gun Flak 38 AA (#35091). He modified the upper hull to resemble it to M3A3 as the reference photos he got, he also adapted the Flak 38. A lot of details were added, as example, a complete inside.

The rear stowage box and the basket were scratch built. The all whole was painted with Tamiya acrylic paint, XF52 flat earth and Xf62 Olive drab.
The Yugoslav flag was hand painted and red stars from the spare parts box were used.

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