Formula one


Ferrari F399 1/12 scale

by Mario Covalski


WOW!, I have to begin to write this note and many feelings want to arise. My first F1 1/12 scale which is neither Tamiya nor Protar and besides is a 1999 car !!!.
 When I bought this model, I had more or less the idea of what would be inside, a sketch of the real car, made of resin and with other materials parts.  

Why did I buy it then if my prospect was not great ?, because I wanted to add to my Ferrari collection a new model, which characterizes last technologies and new aerodynamics shape.
The newest F1 Ferrari I have is 641 from Tamiya, and belongs to ten years ago.
After receiving and opening the box my enthusiasm was growing. It’s amazing how the manufacturer has captured the car essence. The body and chassis are composed of four big and heavy resin parts, the part that represents the floor has a metal sheet inside to give it more strength , as this part has all the car length.
In other bag are the rest resin parts, (they are 21) the seat, wheels, engine, gear box, etc.
The parts finishing, leaves much to be desired, there are many mold marks and generally the surfaces will need much base paint and sand to get a good background.
The engine is not very detailed, but the photo the manufacturer provides shows that a good result can be achieved.
By other way we see more than fifty white metal parts, which form the suspensions, and others vital car parts, like as the complex 399 steering wheel. For being it a very important part it has not the necessary look, I will scratch a new one using as guide the provided part and my spare part box.


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Another point to stand out are the low details of the shock-absorbers and the brake disks, if you have the Tamiya’s FW14 ones, or a resin copy, they would be a right substitute. Besides we can find the brass photo-etched parts, almost the rear aileron is made of this material and many rear suspension parts too, they are excellent indeed. I think is the best photo-etched I have never seen and with the seat belt hardware, are the best parts of this kit.
The manufacturer provides also for detailing a set with cables and wires from different gauges, finally somebody remembers that cars have electric circuits!!.
The two decal sets are of very good quality, and perfectly represent the ones used for the car, including the Marlboro logos. A big sheet like carbon fiber is used for detailing the inner chassis parts.
The tires are made of solid rubber, and look right as the wheels do.
I want to point out that this kit was manufactured in a limited series of 500 pieces, mine is 103/500.


For an expert modeler, or for those who usually work with resin, this is a worthy kit, which once it has been finished will become the star of your collection.
For not so expert modeler it represents a challenge, as all kit pieces need base paint before receiving the final painting, besides cleaning and preparing resin parts can be tedious.
Comparing with the Tamiya’s Ferrari, I think it is easier to build, once parts has been prepared, Tamiya’s ones come almost ready for being painted. For exacting people, this kit represents a field without limits to transform and add details.
I will build it out of the box, with little addition details.
The price ,U$S 300, is more than fair, considering that a Studio 27 1/20 costs near U$S 200, and the great possibilities it offers.
I wish it has already been finished to see it…………but I will have to wait for several months. 


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399_1.jpg (78259 bytes)