Improving the Honda S800 1966: step by step for novices

Doyusha 1/12 scale

by Edwing E. Merlo Paredes © Modeler Site

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During many years, I thought that Tamiya was the only manufacturer of Japanese 1/12 car kits. And, until the arrival of the Internet, I used to go to local hobby stores to purchase the kits I wanted. Then, surfing the net, I found sites as Modelersite where I discovered lots of new things and brands, other scale models, and above all, different ways of seeing and developing this activity.


Modelersite made reference to a popular online store which slogan was something like: “There is nothing better than a good friend in Japan”. When I clicked there, I was astonished at what I saw, plenty of unknown material, at least for me. Looking for 1/12 scale models, I realized that there were not only Tamiya’s but other not so popular brands like Doyusha, Otaki, Entex, Nichimo and so forth.


In spite of Mario Covalski’s comments about those legendary brands, I felt I needed to further “complicate my life” with one of those vintage and nostalgic models. I wanted to revive the experience of those veteran modelers from the 70s that was undoubtedly the golden age of the big scale cars and motorcycles kits.

My first Doyusha purchase was exactly this model, the Honda S800 and as it was expected, I found a large array of parts, highly detailed at first glance and everything impeccably packaged. The kit instructions didn’t convince me due to the poor drawings if compared to others instruction manuals such as the ones from Tamiya, Fujimi or Hasegawa. In the end, the most important would have been to have clear and easy- to- follow instructions, and unfortunately it was not so.

Manufacturer: Doyusha (Ref. DBS-9), Scale: 1/12, Parts: 192



Let’s start with the assembly

Searching for information

When we start a modeling project, we usually decide whether to follow the kit instructions accomplishing it “out of the box” or to detail it as much as possible. If our choice is the second one, then you’ll need to gather all the necessary information and reference pictures about the model in question. Nowadays, it easier to find information thanks to the invaluable tool that is the Internet.

Kit review

Before beginning, it’s necessary to revise the whole kit to make sure the box content is complete and in perfect conditions. One of the most usual and discouraging problems is that once the work has started, we find that there are broken, distorted or just missing parts.

Speaking about this kit, the assembly process is not really straightforward, several parts don’t fit well. I recommend to always test fit and check every aspect before gluing parts together and also before painting, if necessary.

Here, I’ll list the most weak points of this kit.


The windshield (part G-1) has to be joined to two frames, I’ll name the first one (Frame-1) which is part of the body. The second frame is the chromed one (part D-42) which has to be glued to the (Frame -1). Well, the point is that pat D-42 doesn’t fit well to Frame-1 and needs to be adapted to get it completely fixed. There are two ways to solve this problem: trying to adapt the parts with the help of tweezers and glue; or discarding the part and recreate the chromed part, covering the inner edges of Frame-1 with Bare Metal.

Always have in mind no to glue the windshield, Part G-1, before adapting the parts, otherwise the clear part might get damaged.


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