Building the Porsche 550RS from Basic43 1/43 scale

by Juan Madrazo Revilla © Modeler Site

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The Porsche 550 RS is the first serious attempt to create an authentic competition car Ernst Fuhrmann was in charge of designing a competition engine (project 547) and Wilhelm Hild headed the development of a new chassis (project 550). This vehicle was displayed for the first time to public at the 1953 Paris Automobile Salon.



The car was a fast two-seater, built on a tubular chassis, powered by a four-camshaft 1,498-cc engine developing 110 bhp, reaching 6200 rpm

Italian racecar driver Umberto Maglioli was the surprise overall winner in a Porsche 550 at what was then the world's longest-standing and most difficult road race, the Targo Florio. Umberto Maglioli's victory in 1956 marked the beginning of a unique success story for the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer.

However, and with Jame Deanís death, thereís a legend of this small sport car.. His Porsche 550 Spyder became infamous for being the vehicle that killed him on September 30th 1955.

TheBasic 43 kit

This Porsche 550 by Feeling43 (Basic 43 range) is a high quality multimedia kit, easy to assemble. The final result is great, similar to other Feeling models, but with less parts and straightforward construction.

This kit features resin body with removable panels. Detailed resin and white metal chassis, photo-etch metal and brass sheets, chromed parts, excellent rubber tyres, printed acetate, detailed engine with wiring, aluminium machined parts, water-slide decals and more.


Once again, Divies company show which is their philosophy in the world of kits, pure craft. Everythingís handmade, even including a hand-written folio-size paper with instructions.

And, to figure out some of the assembly drawings, itís essential the help of a magnifier to check the full color pictures of the built model included in the box.


As I said beforehand, the assembly was not complicated at all. It advisable to sand the body exterior surfaces prior to applying the first priming coats.

In order that the doors can be opened or closed, I recommend to drill the slots, working with a pinvise being very careful, starting with a 0,5mm diameter drill and using then a 0,8mm one. Next, I had to fix the doors to the body with adhesive tape and mark a point where to drill the bodyís frame. The doors have to be removed, going on with the entire drilling from top to downwards.


The priming coat was sprayed with Skull White from Citadel Colors ( used to paint the Warhammers) Once completely dry, the surface was polished with 3M Gold and abundant water. The appearance and texture should look like glass.

For the paint, I used two Glasurit tones Pearl Aluminum (2/3) and Pearl White (1/3) to get less ďhardnessĒ in the pure aluminum color.

I applied three coats of paint, wet sanding between each other. Finally, a thin gloss coat to fix the color and to assure the proper adherence of decals. Next, decals were applied and once dry, three coats of Glasurit lacquer (diluted to 50%) were given.

The engine, gearbox, seats and other small parts were airbrushed with Tamiya enamels.



The straightforward construction makes this kit suitable for anyone with a little bit of experience. Itís a good introduction for later more complex projects and it should have great appeal to anyone looking for something special for his collection. High quality kit, good value for money, and a master piece for the Porsche model car collector!

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