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Mclaren MP4/8 Ford

Tamiya 1/20 scale

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Mclaren MP4/8 is one of the most beautiful Mclaren ever made. It raced in 93 and it was piloted by Senna. Eventhough it was powered by under-powered Ford V8 engine, Senna took this machine with 5 victories. One of the most memorable race has to be Donington Park 93 where Senna mastered his way out in first lap over everyone else.


This model is made by Tamiya and I built this model back in 1996. There is no carbon fiber decal whatsoever. The only aftermarket parts I used were F1s Marlboro decal, Modeler's hose end set and bare metal foil.


Cockpit: I didn't use any after market seat belt, I only use paper to built the upper portion of the belts and dry brushed some light gray for highlights.

Electronic box behind airbox. Very simple wiring and use bronze to paint the connector.

Right side engine. All connectors were scratch built from plastic pieces. Exhaust pipe were dry brush with Gunze metallizer.

Right side pod. With today's standard, it should be covered with CF decal. But in real car pic, it is in light gray color.

Right side transmission. A lot of electronics and wiring were scratched built with wires tube and plastic pieces.

Top view on engine bay.

Top view on transmission.

Closeup on transmission.

Left side engine view.

Left side pod view.

Left side transmission view.

Closeup on left side transmission electronics.


Rear wing tightener.


The whole body was painted with Tamiys TS26 white and TS36 Marlboro red. Clearcoat was done with Gunze Acrylic topcoat B501. Have fun ! Oh gosh this model have been built for 8 yrs now.


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