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La Bella Macchina

The Art Of Ferrari

by Miles Lumbard 2003

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That is the title of the exhibition at the local art museum, where these pictures were taken. And it is certainly no exaggeration to call these cars "Art". The Countach I photographed previously is a fabulous car, and it's appearance is stunning, but I don't know that I could call it "Art". There is just something about the lines of a Ferrari - the incredible way in which all of that power and precision is wrapped in such a pleasing shell, that sets them apart from the rest of the "Supercars".


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Since this was a museum exhibit, there were no flashes or tripods allowed. I tried one of the chest supports for the CoolPix, and was told to put it back in the car. So, the pics aren't the best for picking out every last detail, but I hope you will enjoy them nonetheless.


One of the things that really struck me after they opened the hoods, was that with the exception of the Dino 246, the 641/2, and the Alfa 8C2300, these cars all had the same basic engine - the fabulous, tried and true, Ferrari V-12. Sure the displacements changed, and the number of cams and valves varied, but the basic design stayed the same for nearly 20 years. I also noticed how on the earliest cars, the "distributors" were actually magnetos, and designed very much like aircraft magnetos of the time. And for all of us detail freaks, the yellow rubber hose with the outside spiral wire braid that was used for the fuel lines is an interesting tidbit I'd not noticed in pictures before.


Some of the cars had their owners identified, others did not. The 250GTO was anonymous, but I overheard the Docent telling someone that the present owner paid $16 Million at auction for it. Hmm... those pricey resin kits don't seem so bad comparatively.


So that's it. The show has been running for several months, and ends next weekend. I'll probably go back one last time to marvel at these beautiful machines. I hope you all enjoy the pictures, and if by chance this is a traveling exhibit, and you hear of it coming to your area - don't miss it!

166 MM Barchetta

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246 Dino GTS

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250 GT Pinin Farina Coupe

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250 GTO

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250 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta

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250 TR/61

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275 GTS/4 NART Spyder

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330 P

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365 P/2 Speciale

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375 Indy

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Alfa Romeo 8C 2300

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