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The "Shorty"

Trucks in 1/25

by John Horst


I could buy this AMT White Freightliner in scale 1/25 to a very low price because the kit was not complete. I had the question, what can I do with a kit which is not complete. Now I built a truck after my own imagination. At first I cut off some centimeter from the frame, I remove the third axle and I made the driver's cap without the sleeper. So I get a very short truck and I call the truck "shorty" now.


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The model shows is a Revell Mercedes 1628 truck in scale 1/25, the trailer is from Heller. The painting and outfit is made like a haulage company here in my village. The original truck are used to transport goods from Italy to Bavaria. A local tiles shop "Paraflies" made publicity with this trailer.


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Here are photos from my MAN Truck. The basis-kit for this truck is from Italeri in scale 1/24.
There are a lot of modifications like moveable doors, longer chassis and the complete body made with a light wood. For the trailer I used a ESCI chassis in scale 1/32 with the wheels, the body is made by myself with light wood too. The painting and outfit are like the original truck.


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