Formula one

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Brabham BT44, John Goldie team

1/12 scale

by Thomas Halvarsson



Here you have some more pictures of my Brabham BT44 This kit is a Tamiya 1:12 with decals from S27. The kit was and old Martini Brabham, and I had to start with trying to take the car apart and then rebuilding it, I got a lot of inspiration the Mario's BT44 with wiring and some more detailing. 


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The Firestone tyres came from a Lotus 72 D. The dark brown colour on the car is an original VOLVO spraycan from cars around 1975-80.In the pictures the colour shade looks a little to dark I think, it's looks better on the model. John Watson was driving for the private team John Goldie
racing team in 1974 ,most of the season he drove the BT 42 ,but in the late season he got this BT44, the car had different oil sponsors under the season, so the car didn't look the same from race to race, the best result was fourth place in the Austrian GP-74.
I hope that these pictures of the rather unusual F1 car and model, in my opinion the car was not one of the best looking race cars (why brown?) but still interesting I think, be useful for modelers.

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