Ultimate guide to build the Dragon Flak 36 (ref.6260)

1/35 scale

by Patricio Delfosse © Modeler Site

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The Dragon Flak 36 is one of the last moulds from this company. Together with the initial and late versions of the Tiger(s) and the Panzer IV, make up a trilogy that shows a new tendency in modeling, where besides of offering plastic and metal parts, it involves something much more important: Research and Development (R&D). These three families of kits carry perfection to a new step in modeling, both for their molds quality in itself and the attention to details and historical faithfulness. They are not perfect kits (no kit is) but surely, they are the proper kits to purchase if we want to build a Flak 36, a Tiger or an initial Panzer IV.


Obviously, such perfection has a bad side: they are not easy kits. The amount of parts, its small size and the assembly options available inside each box turn them into difficult kits to build.

This article aims at guiding the modeler along the assembly stages. As itís not a very common subject (you donít mount guns every day, do you?...) itís not possible to build it intuitively. Unfortunately, Dragon instructions are not a great help as they are not clear at all.
To make things even more complicated, several versions and configurations may be achieved from this kit. The version I decided, is a Flak 36 in transport configuration.
I chose to use as many plastic parts as possible, since the metal parts Dragon supply are so polished that itís difficult to get a good adherence of paint.

Anyway, some parts are not represented in plastic, so it was inevitable to use some metal ones.
In addition, I used the PE from Lion Roar (ref.#LE35054) to complete some kit parts which could be improved, but itís not necessary to use it to follow this note. Just let the text guide you, using the kit parts.

This special issue is only available in pdf format. This is a technical article of 50 pages. Includes more than 200 high res pictures. > Here