Messerschmitt Bf.109G-10 from the Croatian Air Force

Hasegawa 1/48 scale

by Giovanni Galvan © 2010 Modeler Site

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Hobbycraft released, during the first half of the ‘90es, a series of late version of the Bf.109, which was not still released from Hasegawa, such as the G-6, G-10, K-4 and the late Jumo powered post-war Avias. Some year before, Hobbycraft had also released the early Jumo powered versions B, C and D, now available with the new mold by Classic Airframes.

I built the K-4 and the G-10 kits, and they were not so bad, being strongly similar to the Hasegawa basic molds, with simplified interiors, one piece canopies, and some problem with tail planes alignment, which I will describe later.

I decided to build the G-10 (the “Axis allies” box) with some aftermarket item, such as the cockpit interiors from Aires and the Tauro Model resin DB.605 engine.

The cockpit color is the classic RLM 66 FS 36081 (Gunze H301), also for the instrument panel, with Black consoles and levers; a drybrushing with Light Gray highlighted the details. Inside the canopy I fixed the photo etched armored headrest, and some scratchbuilt lever. In the open position the G-10 is one of the very few aircraft I know which have the radio wire that gets flabby, instead to rewind like in the preceding versions. This solution, probably dictated from the hurry and from the approximation of the last months of war, forced me to realize the cable using a metallic thread taken from a telephonic wire, trying to give the impression of the semi-rigid look visible on the photos.

The general assembly is easy, but you have to reduce with sandpaper the cockpit floor to shrink slightly the fuselage on its center, and obtain the correct wing dihedral because the wings are too “flat”. The most important intervention concerns the tail planes, which are shifted on the vertical plane of 1,5 mm. You have to scratchbuilt the left side plate, and retool the slot of its tail plane. Besides, I cut the flaps on the wings, and I fixed them slightly extracted, after painting the model.


On the nose I cut the engine panels, and reduced their thickness, and inserted the resin DB.605, slightly enlarging the compressor with Milliput and metal wires to make the AS version.

Tires have been painted in Medium Gray, and brushed with brown oil color, the wheels are in semi gloss Black and the gear legs are in Natural Metal. The propeller was painted in Schwarzgrun RLM 70 (Gunze H65), the spinner is in RLM 70 with a White spiral done with decals.

The chosen example is one of the defecting fighters which landed in Italy in the spring of 1945, coming from Croatian Air Force. It’s the “Black 4”, with full Croatian markings, with upper surfaces Braunviolet RLM 81 FS 30045 (80% Gunze H72 + 20% Black) and Hellgrün RLM 82 FS 34138 (Molak 180M), while the fuselage sides and undersurfaces are in Hellblau RLM 76 FS 35622 (Gunze H417) with a slight mottle of the RLM 81/82 on the sides. The Yellow areas for the Eastern Front Axis insignia, are in the late fashion, with this color on rudder and nose, while the old fuselage stripe is obliterated with RLM 81. The decals are from the box.

The weathering was done with various brushed pastel powders and with Brown oil color. Some coat of Black, and various Grays, helped to represent the heavy exhaust stains.
The result is nice, with an original example of a “classic” theme such as the 109.

Table of colors

RLM name FS Humbrol Molak Xtracolor Gunze Testor


33538 154 1154M X19 H329 1708


36081 123 1123S X128 H301 -


34052 116 1116M X204 H65 -


35622 122 171S X149 H417 1722


30045 98 110G X614 see text 1540


34138 80 180M X212 - -

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