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Winter Sherman

1/35 scale

by Russ Sharp Modeler Site

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A rather frozen looking Sherman waiting out a winter storm in the Ardennes. The tank is the Tamiya M4A3 Sherman, built straight out of the box.

The effect I wanted to portray was one of solitude and isolation. The painting of the tank began with an overall coat of dark olive followed by a haphazard heavy drybrushing of white. Dark olive was then painted on along the edges in small amounts and while still wet was dragged down to produce a smear, as if to expose the undercoat of olive green through the white camouflage. This is caused by a warming trend in the weather where rain washes the whitewash away from the hard edges of the tank and exposes the factory paint. Next the markings were placed on and the vehicle was then washed in a black and brown mixture, and drybrushed with white again. Here I added stowage items and an unhitching log and weathered them with white paint.


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In order to achieve consistency the tank was then glued to a base and the ground cover was built up around the tank. Pure white sand ballast was used as snow but when looked at in an overall situation, turned out to be not white enough, so I continued on with the buildup of deep snow around and on the tank, saturated with white glue and water mix and left to dry. After drying, the snow was painted with white paint and weathered with dark blue and purple pastels to simulate shadows. This was done on the tank as well.
The tree was a fake flower arrangement item, bushes are dried roots from the backyard and the figure is from Tamiya.

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