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Argentine Super Etendard

Heller 1/48

by Mike Parr


Here are the first set of photos of my Heller 1-48 Super Etendard. The kit is built out of box, with only the addition of seat belts and buckles and I scratch built fins for the ends of the drop tank.


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The tank appears with and without finlets but most of my reference shots show the finlets. The kit has been around for many years and doesn't really fit together that well. Lots of putty and sanding are needed to make an acceptable model. The kit decals were used as at the time no aftermarket decals were available. I plan to do another Super Etendard but will be trying the newly re-released Airfix kit. I will also replace the seat on my next one as its not very accurate. No major weathering was done on the kit as the planes were brand new at the time of the Malvinas/Falklands war and even now 20 years later the planes still shine as they were and are very well looked after.


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