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Minichamps 1/8 helmets conversion

by William Chan


Minichamps is famous on their die-cast race car products. They also produce some 1/8 scale F1 drivers helmets. Helmet includes display case. I've collected some of the helmets for a while. I bought some from Hong Kong, some from EBay at bargain price and some from UK. Looks like they are not as popular as their 1/18 or 1/43 F1 models. But I found that they are quite attractive and F1 helmets painting is quite a piece of arts.

All of Minichamps helmets are non-tobacco. I found it is a bit of emptiness with tobacco sponsorship. Finally Museum Collection from Japan has finally released a tobacco decal sheet for Minichamps 1/8 helmets. One complete sheet for all Michael Schumacher helmets and another sheet for Senna, Prost, Alesi and Berger. HobbyLink Japan has these 2 set of decals.

I took this weekend to do this quick project to fill up helmets sponsorship that I acquired years ago. I found it quite fun.

Here are the one I have


helmets_senna88.jpg (88056 bytes)

Senna 88

I found the covering power of white decal is really good. It covers the old Marlboro box really well.

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Senna 94

The Rothmans logo is a little bigger than the old 'racing' logo and they covers really well.

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Villeneuve 97

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Alesi 95

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Schumacher 91

I found the covering power of yellow Camel decal isn't as good as Marlboro. But it is still nice. It also includes Arai logo.

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Schumacher 95

Mild Seven logo is really nice. It covers the old 'Benetton' logo really well. It also includes 2 helmet clips decal.

helmets_schu96.jpg (91015 bytes)

Schumacher 96

This is the one Schumi used in early 96 season. Very sharp one. It covers all fake Marlboro box really well. It also includes ventilation vent decals. One mistake I made is I should have moved the front Marlboro box a bit higher as visor has covered lower portion of the Marlboro box.

helmets_schu96_aero.jpg (83483 bytes)

Schumacher 96 Aero

This is my favorite one. Aero shaped helmet. Someone joked that Schumi's head is as square as its helmet. :). The problem I encountered on this one is that the lower Marlboro box is smaller than the stock fake Marlboro boxes. The one in the back of the helmets is hard to conform the shape. I ended up using Modeler's white decal to cover up some excessive old Marlboro box.

helmets_schu96_aero2.jpg (71400 bytes)


Overall this is a fun project. It doesn't take much time and give stunting result. I have 99 and 2000 Schumacher helmets on order. They are made by Mattel instead of Minichamps. I will probably put Marlboro decals on these 2 as well. I found that other Schumacher and Prost helmets are quite difficult to get these days. I saw some on ebay at collector price. I wonder if Minichamps will release some more Schumi helmets.


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