Ferrari 288 GTO

Fujimi 1/24

by Patrick Nyquist



The Ferrari 288 GTO. The forgotten supercar. It was 1984, the year I turned sixteen. Maranello unveiled its latest. Originally intended for group-B racing the car never really got to prove its prowess for the FIA killed the class. All 249 of the cars went almost to immediate collectors status because of its low production run.


In my opinion this is the best looking Ferrari to ever come out of the Pinninfarina studio's. Modeled in 1/24 scale from the Fujimi enthusiast kit I finally have my dream car. It was pretty much built from the box with the exception of opening up the three vents on the rear fenders, adding a little photo-etched parts and some flocking for the interior carpeting.

Thanks to Alclad II the wheels were set right. Polished rims, silver spokes and polished center covers. The kit wheels out of the box are a satin plated job. Not right by all the pictures that I have of the car. And for those of you w/a keen eye the mirrors are supposed to be offset. The pass side sitting a little farther back on the door than the drivers side.

The car was primed with Tamiya white primer and painted TS-49 bright red and polished out to a glass smooth finish. I hope you enjoy. Forgotten supercar? Not by me. With the introduction of the F40 and its chiseled looks the 288 GTO kinda got pushed to the side. For all practical purposes though the GTO was the test bed for the twin turbo engine that was to find it's way into the F40.