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Honda CX 500 Turbo 1/6 scale "custom painting" 

by Mario Covalski


When some time ago, I discovered that the paint and decals of my CX500, (built in the '80s) had turned yellow until ruining the model.

I decided to rebuild it, this task was more difficult than to build a new one, but more funny.

I chose "to customize" the bike, painting in a dark metallic color. So I painted the body with X10 (gun metal) Tamiya enamel, with a drop of black, applying then several coats of clear, following my painting technique "fresh varnish".

The motor was painted with a mix of X11 (chrome silver) and XF56 metallic grey, to obtain that so special color of the new Honda's motors. 

Here I show these photos to encourage you to "recycle" your old models.

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