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The Brazilian Sea King 

by  Claudio Moura


The Brazilian Navy's Sea king act from the Naval Air Base São Pedro da Aldeia, on Rio de Janerio coast and they form the squadron HS-1. There are thirteen airships acting with base on earth or in the  "Minas Gerais" (A-11) carrier. 

The first Sea Kings were bought to USA and they arrived at Brazil in 1970, they were six airships model SH-3D. 

In 1984 new ones were acquired, this time from Italy, manufactured by Agusta, they were four SH-3A. 

Finally in 1997 arrived six SH-3H coming from the US Navy stock. Today the designations are the following ones: SH-3A, deliveried in 1970 and 1984, and SH-3B those of the last delivery. 

All the airships are being modernized to standardize the equipment and that both versions have full capacity ASW and naval attack (this last one with the use of up to two AM 39 EXOCET).


The airships that are being updated are colored with a low visibility scheme, where the inscriptions and marks that before were white, now are in black, as the wheels base, landing gear and wells are being painted in gray ash ( look at the pictures). 

For modelers interested in building this airship with the Brazilian Navy's colors, I recommend the use of FCM DECALS 


Where you can also find the FS paint scheme. About the available kits, some changes must be done if you want to build a Brazilian King, Verify details in the pictures shown and with the following web sites:  (Brazilian Navy official Web site)


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