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Detailing a Pickup Ford F-100

(1953) 1/24 scale

by  Emilio Wada 2000 Modeler Site

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In 1953 the last Ford's Flathead series were produced in USA,  just as an extensive change in the pickups line was done coinciding with Ford Motor Company 50 Anniversary. 

The F-1 had great public acceptance for its design and comfort, however the new pickups series F from 1953 to 1956 are probably the dearest and looked for collectors and pickups enthusiasts.  

Technical features:


Model F-100 
Year 1953
Type Front motor, rear transmission
Motor  Flathead V8, 109 hp, 239 ci
Transmission   manual gearbox, three speeds
Tires  Firestone 15"

The model

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Added or enhanced Details :  

This model  doesn't have photoengraving or after market parts,everything was scratch built. 

Here is a list of the things that were modified or added. 


- Full open and closing of doors and bonnet. 

- External locks on both doors. 

- Indoor panels of both doors. 

- Indoor handles of the doors. 

- Chutes for the doors glasses. 

- Seats upholstery, parasols, roof and light. 

- Accelerator, brake and clutch pedals.

  - Seam details and mechanism of the seat. 

 - Courtesy indoor light. 

 - Instruments panel. 

 - Windshield and windows. 

 - Rear-view mirrors. 

 - Front train steering. 

 - Movement of the steering wheel with to the front train. 

 - Grille modified like the model 1953 was. 

 - Warning light to turn. 

- Bonnet's inside details and lock. 

 - Battery and its accessories. 

- Dynamo. 

- Oil filter. 

- Detailed of the fuel bomb. 

- Carburetor mechanisms.

- Pulleys. 

- Belts. 

- Pipes and wired. 

- Detailed of the radiator. 

- Bag of water. 

- Voltage regulator. 

- Horn relay 

- Tires valves. 

- Emblem 

- Load box floor 


The van has been built imitating a "stock" version recently restored. 

It also has some equipment or elements, offered as optional in the fiftieths,  for example the bicolor upholstered instead of the traditional one flat, interior light, lock of both doors. 

The model was modified so that, the doors and hoods, as well as the steering wheel have movement. 

The body paint was applied and then polished, that is to say without varnish. 

Here is a summary of some of the works done



The interior was scratch built,  except the instrument panel, using different thickness plastic sheets and stretched sprue. 

The doors volume was carried out based on the references detailed at the end of this note. New latches were built, and inside and outside locks were added. 

The windshield was made of heater formed acetate and the windows were made of Evergreen. 

The door frames were detailed showing the guides for the windows movement. 

The parasols like the rear-view mirror have been built with plastic and copper wire. 

The seat was out of scale so it had to be rebuilt, and stretched plastic was added to detail the sewing to imitate a bicolor upholstered. Besides the mechanism that allows the movement of the seat forward was detailed. 

I detailed the steering column using two concentric brass tubes to allow the front train movement.  

The front train was completely rebuilt since the kit only provided a wire axis without movement. 

On the horn button place in the center of the steering wheel I hand painted the logo of Ford  50 Anniversary. 

The pedals were replaced to give them  the form and scale that corresponds. 

The external latches were engraved so that the joints can be seen, then they were covered with metal foil. 

The instrument panel was drawn in a computer using Corel Draw.

Motor / Bonnet

Several parts were scratch built since they were out of scale or were not provided by the kit; for example, the battery and all its accessories, the oil filter, the voltage regulator, the horn relay, the dynamo, the pulleys, the belts, etc. 

To give more realism, the pulleys were modified; taking them out from the kit part, carving them,  and adding them belts made of plastic. 

The spark plugs diameter was reduced using a brass tube as a cute and painted so that the white of the porcelain and the metalized of the nut were notorious. The wired to the distributor and its sequence is exactly to the one showed at the reference photos.  

The dynamo and its support were scratch built using plastic tube, nuts, etc. 

The fuel bomb was detailed, I also added the filter and other small parts. 

The carburetor was modified adding the accelerator and primer mechanisms. 

The bonnet  inside was detailed adding reinforcements and the lock. 

The bonnet Ford emblem  was covered with metal foil and hand painted. 


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Other details

The front grille was modified to represent the ' 53 model, for this some parts provided by the kit and nonexistent in the original pick up were taken out; metal foil was added to the optics so as the inside rings could be seen. The turn lights were injected in the kit plastic,  they were removed and replaced by scratch built parts. 

The front V8 emblem was engraved again and covered with metal foil. 

The rear body bottom was detailed with wood, using pine rods tinted. Small chains were placed for the back door.

Materials used


Kit: AMT 6487


Plastic sheets of 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm and 1 mm


Tubes and wires of  brass


Wire and cables of several diameters


Pine rods




Metal foil




Clear Evergreen 0.3 mm 


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- The History of Ford.  

- Ford Pickup Trucks. Steve Statham 

- Ford Pickup Color History. Tom Brownell - Mike Mueller 

/1925 - 1953 Ford Pickup F-100 

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