Ciencia Ficción

"Saturn the dark side"

por Jorge Moreyra



How I turned a plain model into a great photograph

(or the poor man's version of the Hubble Telescope)


With a Digital Camera

1) Photographed model with a plain background (I used the cover of my barbeque!)

2) Took at least 4 pictures of the model outdoors at different angles.

family 011.jpg (89119 bytes)

On the Internet

3) After deciding which angle of the model was best, I searched around
for a suitable background, in this case, a space background with planets.

Using Photo or Any Imaging Software

4) I then took the picture of the model, downloaded it into the computer,
opened up the photo program, and then using the tools, I "cut" the spaceship out of the black background, opened up the space background and pasted the spaceship on "top" of the background. Using the "move tool", I then moved the picture of the model around until it I got the desired visual effects.

5) After the image was composed, I saved it in both .JPG and .BMP formats, (if
you save it as Bitmap, you can also use it for your desktop!).

VOILA! A finished product!

Modelo por: Hector Nazario

Composición: Jorge Moreyra