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Trucks: Detailing an Ertl # 2674

1/25 scale

by Chris Gunter


This truck is 1/25 scale. it started as a ERTL 2674 kit. I changed engines, trans, tires, rims, suspension rear only. I shortened the frame for the dump bed and added the mounts for the snow plow.


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The engine is a CUMMINS 475 hp duel turbo. it has 6 rod suspension w/top loader rear ends. it has full air lines and hydraulics and electrical lines.


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The interior has the control levers for the dump and plow controls . The dog house in the interior had to be rebuilt because of the duel turbo CUMMINS engine. I also drilled out the air horns for a more realistic look to the horns. I used Clint Freeman Components, tires front an back, also air hoses an oil pumps and other engine components


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I also used parts from Model Truck and Fire Aperatis and Spauld Trading & Shipping products with lots of parts from parts boxes and other kits I used a dump bed from a Revell of Germany kit.
I made modification to the top of the dump bed so it didn't look so tall. the exhaust stacks and exhaust pipes are custom made from K & S aluminum tubing an brass for the exhaust shields. It was weathered using my brother (matt),and my technique for weathering trucks.

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Very soon...

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