Junkers Ju.88S-1/T-1

AM Tech - 1/72

ref # 7299202

by Giovanni Galvan


One of the less known version of the infamous Ju.88 were the "S" and "T", respectively a bomber and a reconnaissance plane, the subversions S-1 and T-1were powered on by the radial engine BMW 801G-2. These were high altitude planes, the last developments of the Ju.88, before the Ju.188, were characterized by some aerodynamic and weight saving improvements, such as the removal of two ETC pylons, the rounded glazed nose, the removal of one of the two rear machine-guns (replaced by one 13 mm), the removal of the ventral gondola and of one of the crew members. Mainly these planes operated during 1944, in France, Germany and Italy.


The kit is composed of near 90 pieces, with 8 transparent ones. The panels are nicely recessed, and the cockpit details are very good. The engines have the two rows of cylinders, the front and rear landing gear are very well done, as well as their doors and wheels (not flattened). The wheel bay needs to be detailed. The fitting of the pieces is good, except for the engine nacelles, which need a little trimming, advised by an addendum sheet to the instructions.

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Continuing the saga for the less known Ju.88s, AM Tech also offers (sold separately)  the Jumo 231A powered versions of the "S" and "T" models, respectively a bomber (S-3) and a reconnaissance plane (T-3).

Common parts for T1 and T3 

Parts for T3 version

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Instruction manual and versions (T1)

The well printed decal sheet, in common with that of the S-3/T-3 box, gives the choice of four examples: a Ju.88S-1 with RLM 70/71/65 scheme with a RLM 76 wave mirror; a Ju.88S-1 with RLM 76 upper surfaces with RLM 75 spots, and Black undersurfaces; a Ju.88T-1 recce plane with standard RLM 70/71/65 scheme and (indicated by the addendum sheet) a Ju.88S-1with RLM 77 upper surfaces, with "holes" where could be seen the undercoat of the standard Greens and with Black undersurfaces.


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Extra instructions and versions for T3

Can be done, a Ju.88S-3with RLM 76 upper surfaces, with "holes" where could be seen the undercoat of the standard Greens and with Black undersurfaces, and a Ju.88T-3 recce plane with standard RLM 70/71/65 scheme.

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Summing up...

A big occasion to collect one of the better Luftwaffe bombers, thanks to a very nice kit.

Editor note: Our thanks to AM Tech for provide us with the samples for this review