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Ducati 916 

Tamiya, 1/12 scale

Item #14068

by Mario Covalski

model  by Nicolas Perez Fiorentini



During more than 20 years Tamiya was offering, to the modelers, excellent 1/12 scale motorcycles kits. Those models were successful then as they follow being now, the diversity is not spectacular, however Tamiya have added more than 70 different models to the collection, without mentioning the different versions and accessories, like the driver figures. Contrary to others Tamiya's products, most of these kits were permanently available, either for the dealers permanent stock, or for the continuous reissues that Tamiya has made.


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The truth is, that for newcomers to this scale and in generally speaking, to modeling, it will be a nice surprise to find so many kits available, and it's likely that they only know the models produced during the last years. Obviously it's not possible to find reviews of those old issues, so we will present in next months, several notes about these models, and we'll try to show them with full details. We will choose the most interesting, like the race ones, and others that were the most outstanding  then. This is the case of the Ducati 916 that we present here.

The kit

The objective of this article, it's not to explain building details, or specific techniques, just to show the models and some pictures if they are available, such as in this case. The 916 is a kit from 1995, of excellent quality, and represent accurately the Ducati 916, which was showed at Milan's motoshow in 1993. During several years this machine was a true surprise for the motorcycle world, mainly the competition models.  

The model her showed was built a while ago, straigth from the box by our friend and contributor  Nicolas Perez Fiorentini , with a "rare" yellow scheme for that time.


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Actually I believe that it's important to tell that, building old kits you can find a lot of fun and satisfaction. Today the new available materials, and more advanced decoration techniques, make that to build one of these "babies" turns in a challenged. The chances of adding super details to these kits are great, and there are a lot of available bibliography about those subjects. I can recommend "The Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle" by Peter Henshaw.


916 Limited edition Senna

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