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Perfect part detail set review : (PE-00, GS-13 and F01)

by Stéphane Simard


I think to review these sets correctly we need to list some of the material included in PE-00, at least the main parts that make this set a cut above the rest. The set contains lambda sensors, electric connectors for the nose, steering and electronic boxes for the nose, brake hub details, bulkhead parts and radiator covers, just to name a few. GS-13 is basically comprised of 4 wheels and the rest of the hardware needed to correctly replicate the real car. F01 are the conversion decal which are necessary to show the car as it should be, tobacco markings and all.


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This was the first time that I used a PE set and was not disappointed with the end result. When I received the set it came in a large packing box and was excited at the prospects of having all of those extra parts. Upon opening the box I discovered the decal sheets, the wheel box and a tiny blue box. The blue box contained the PE parts. I was less excited with the site of this small box.


However, upon examining the contents closer, all was there. The parts were of extreme quality. No extra metal to file or clean off. The set came with clear instructions and I became once again excited at the prospects of using these parts to increase the level of realism of the model.


The only parts I did not use were the seatbelt hardware, since I already had an after market set to substitute the kit decals. Already that the Tamiya kit was a cut above any other that I have seen in my modelling career, the use if the PE sets increased the level of realism to unseen levels in my collection.

The results of this set are incredible. They added such realism to the final product, that they car looks exactly as its real counterpart.

The parts included in the set are real additions. They are not cheap substitutes for parts already in the kit as sometimes are included in other PE kits which are readily available.

A quick word on the conversion decals. I have use them many times and they are simply beautiful. They are crisp, no extra clear outline and handle clear coating with ease.

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In summary...

After building three kit and spending close to five months planning an building (who is counting anyway), I would not hesitate to recommend the purchase of the sets and decals to anyone who is thinking about building this masterpiece from Tamiya. The additions will surely bring the models to higher levels than usually possible.

The only addition I would make to this kit is some templated carbon fiber decals. This type of carbon fiber decal is easily available, and at a fair price. Beware though, you will need decal solution for these, but the final result is great.

Knowing that a detail set is available for the 641/2 in 1 :12th scale and seeing the detail contained in PE-00, I will definitely place an order for this other PE set if it is still available.


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