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Hasegawa 1/48 RSAF F-16CJ (Block 52) - 140Sqn

by Sebastian Lim


This kit was built straight out of the box. The only modification added were the AIFF aerials. Since the RSAF Vipers are powered by the P&W F100-PW-229, small-mouth intakes were used. The bulged wheel door, together with the larger wheels, were also added. Though the RSAF has confirmed the sale of the AIM-120 AMRAAM, the missiles are still currently kept in storage in the US, despite what you see above. The AIM-9P, in gray overall, is a standard A2A loadout. Both the 370/300 gal tanks are only used for missions out in the South China Sea. RSAF KC-135R are also on standy for such routine missions.

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The 140Sqn emblem, depicts a eagle's talon over the island of Singapore, are printed using the Alps MD-5000. The numbers and the lionhead are similarly printed. A coat of FUTURE is applied on the canopy. Gunze Enamels, H305, 306, 307 & 308, were used for the standard Viper scheme.

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Front view of the Viper, shows the AIFF aerials and its A2A loadout.

Close up view of the AIFF aerials, standard config for all RSAF F-16C/D Vipers. Note absence of LANTIRN pods.

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Bottom-view of the Viper. It's interesting to note that RSAF maintains its Viper fleet really well! I found it to 'weather' the aircraft!

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Hasegawa F-16CJ (Block 50) Fighting Falcon



A recent photo showing an RSAF F-16C (#608) at the RSAF Open House, taken on 2 Sep. 2001. Note the AIM-7 Sparrow.