Mc Donnell Douglas F-101B Voodoo

Hasegawa 1/48 scale

by Giovanni Galvan © 2007 Modeler Site

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Here another step in the Myth of the Monogram “Century Series”: the F-101B two seater interceptor. The fantastic “one-o-wonder” is available also with the reconnaissance version RF-101B, and both have the features of the classic Monograms: raised panels but wonderful detail. The interceptor was released also with Revell and Hasegawa boxes, and I received the Japanese box as a gift for my 40th birthday.


For my F-101B I decided to work it straight from the box, using rare aftermarket decals to make a ANG example.

Before all, I rescribed all the panels, with the help of a scriber, of the Verlinden gear and of Dymo self-adhesive labels for the curved surfaces. The cockpit is very well detailed, with the raised instruments on the panels. The cockpit interiors and seats are Dark Gull Gray FS 36231 (Gunze H317) with panels and other areas in semi gloss Black. The seat cushions are Green and the headrests are Red.


The overall fit is good, but requires some sanding and putty. The only modification I did was adding a transparent piece on the tail fin, which is solid in the kit.

The exhausts were added after the painting, and were finished with a coat of flat Black with some SNJ powder dry brushing. The landing gears, the wheels and the wheel wells are good, and were all painted in Aluminum with a light Brown oil paint weathering. All the interior surfaces of airbrakes and flaps are in Red, while the inner wheel wells and flap bays are Interior Green (Humbrol 158).

The example was coded 07, had the serial #O-80295 (“O” stands for “obsolete”!), served with the Maine ANG, and sported the script “MAINEiacs” on the sides. The plane is overall ADC Gray FS.16473 (Gunze H57) and is very clean and gloss. The nose cone and anti-glare panel are in Flat Black. Insignia were taken from the Hasegawa box, while the other markings are from an old sheet from Colourslide, an English firm, dedicated to all the versions (one and two seater) of the Voodoo in 1/48 scale.
I did no weathering, but I used only some black oil paint to underscore the panels.
Big beautiful wonder!!



Color chart








Dark Gull Gray

36231 140 1140M X131 H317 1740

ADC Gray

16473 146 1167M X138 H57 1731

Interior Green

34151 151 34151 X117 H58 1715

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