Tamiya Con 2004

by William Chan 2004 Modeler Site

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This is 9th Tamiya/Con annual and this is my 9th attempt to compete in Tamiha/Con. As usual, it is as fun as before. I remembered my entry number back in 1996 (entered in 2nd day of the event) was only 98. This year my entry number is 380. Hehehe!! My wife and I went to Santa Monica downtown for a little shopping on Sat.


We attended Tamiya/Con on Sunday. This year, there are quite few automotive entries, but a lot of super detailed motorcycle entries. Here are some pic.


Richard's F1-2000 Jeff's MP4/13 test car Jeff's MP4/13 test car engine
Chris's FW11

Nissan R390. This one won best finished award and a trip to Japan. One happy camper

Red Bull Porsche GT 3 This one won extensive conversion category. Guess what, the door can be opened and closed with a super tiny hinge... amazing..
Lotus 98 T box stock. Very attractive black car MP4/13 box stock Jaguar XJR 220. I think this one won 2nd place in box stock category
1/12 Renault Jaguar R1 conversion (Featured in next issue in Modeler Site)
1/12 Mclaren MP4/6 Box stock 1/12 Super detailed Telefonica RCV 211 v
Another 1/12 Super detailed Telefonica RCV 211 v
Another 1/12 Super detailed Repsol RCV 211 v 1/12 Stock Yamaha YZR 500. Very nice paint job Another batch of 1/12 motocycles
1/20 F1 cars MP4/4, F310B and MP4/7. They are pretty much box stock with clean paint job and after-market seat belt. One of them won 2nd place in Formula category. 1/12 FW 14B
1/24 Mini cooper junk yard version. This unique one won box stock category. 1/24 Miata, color changing metallic color 1/12 MP4/6 with Marlboro decal in box stock category

Military category

Variation of Dragon wagon towing a Duster tank. This one won a director choice award and a trip to Japan. Very nice job.. T62 Iraqi tank Leopard I
Tokyo raid is under way. Bomber taking off from Hornet
Very explosive navy diorama. Some ship is under attack...   Sink of King George

Missouri 1942 in action... Look at Master Modeler at work.. very dynamic presentation. Pay attention on the water.. it is very different from other navy diorama. It looks more transparent and natural... excellent job. This one won a master modeler award and a trip to Japan..!!
1/32 F14 Tomcat take off sence. Same builder as Missouri and won a 2nd place in large diorama category.. What a 1-2 finish and world championship Diorama with tank in the backyard
Winter forest with a fleet of Germans Tanks Hobby shop in 1/12 scale... amazing
Woo ship in rough wave. This one is named as 'Prelude' and it has music too... amazing
US tank space ship. Interesting!!! 1/350 Bismark. Look at the deck, it looks like real wooden deck... this one won 1/350 ship category.
Other 1/350 ships very nice!!!

Editor note: Thanks to William for covering the Event for us!

In the next month we will have more photos of the TamCon 2004...bye!

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