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Porsche 911 GT1

Tamiya 1/24th

by Patrick Nyquist


I'm from Oklahoma, USA. Here are some pictures of my Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1. It's about 2 yr.s now since the build. I finally stopped buying kits long enough to buy a digital camera. Now I can send pics of my work. I used scale motor sports carbon fiber on the chassis and in the interior, and swiped the carbon kevlar out of the F-50 kit for the air box ducts. Used mostly photo etch left-overs from the extra's box. Detail master hood pins' and scratched the d-lock rings on the wheel nuts. I used foil from a cigarette package to make the heat wrap on the exhaust pipes and stained it with metalizers. I also used the same foil for the tail light backing to give it a diffused effect. I used a racer magazine in focus pictures for my reference.

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