Formula one

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McLaren MP 4/12

Revell 1/24 scale

by António Dourado


This model represents the 1998 M.Hakinnen's car. It's a kit that compared with other brands, has some lacks, but is an excellent base to improve our modeling skill, and to advance in future with more complicated projects, mainly in the painting job.



Firstly it was necessary to prepare the parts,  filing, putting...etc, the imperfections the mould presented, and then sand. Then I joint the different assemblies, and again I used putty in the joins, sanding as necessary. 


The motor area, that can't be seen, was hand painted using Tamiya X-18, slightly diluted, I also painted the exhausts, suspension arms and gear box. The undertray was painted with a mix of X10 + X21, that gives a semigloss texture as the actual composed materials, used in the modern F1 cars.

I applied to the body a first layer of X11, the nose was painted with a mix of orange with fluorescent red. Then it was necessary to mask, in order to paint the remaining areas with a mix of  X10 (90%) + X18.

I resolved to use decals for the white areas, but they didn't cover the background color, so I decided to work a little more and masking and painting these areas with white paint. 

Finally I polished the paint smoothly, applied the decals and varnished the whole body with Tamiya X22. 


From the point of view of the building this kit doesn't offer difficulties, but requires technical skill to finish with the painting job. With some extra detail work you can get a beautiful model. 

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