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'31 Ford Model A Woody

1/24 scale

by Jean-Paul Spa


The model is a Revell-Monogram kit of the '31 Ford Model A Woody. The first issue of this kit goes back to the mid sixties. This is a stock version of it but I turned it into a hot rod.


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The dark maroon paint is a nail polish which I clear coated with car lacquer. The chrome parts on the engine (4-banger) are all sprayed with Alclad chrome as the front axle and the front bumper. The back suspension parts I used came from the '40 Ford Convertible kit of Monogram. The grill surrounding as well as the hood are resin parts (from Replicars and Miniatures Company of Maryland (RMCM)), these are for a '32 Ford, so I had to modified them.


The etch work wire wheels and resin white wall tires are from RMCM also, the chrome beauty rings on the wheels are from the '40 Ford Convertible kit also. I had a hard time to fix those wire wheels, this was very difficult.

I also used some other etch work parts for the grill, dash and wiper. I lowered the front and back suspension some to give the model a better stance.

The roof has a little bit of a texture. I sprayed from a far distant the black paint on it. I did a lot of work to the wooden panels to let them look real. I used about five different wood grain colors and dry brushed a lot to give the wooden panels more dept. The tailpipe is a alu one, for the front window I used some very thin clear acetate sheet. The taillights has a blue dot inside them and are very special. 

I hope this is enough to give you an idea what kind of work I had on this kit. Of course were there some building problems (it isn't a Tamiya kit), but I won the battle!


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