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F1 Racing's Diorama, and 1/20 Ferraris

by Tony Allen


Having built several versions of the Ferrari 2000, for myself and friends I had various parts left over, mainly clear from a couple of see through kits I was given.
I was looking through a magazine and saw the F2000 laid out in component form. It struck me that with the bits I had I could reproduce this picture in 3d. I started with a piece of thick plasticard which I sprayed gloss white. I then built up all the parts of the kit with a few mods and then laid them out on the base. I cut the gearbox from the engine and made a clutch from aluminum and added this to the engine. The wheels presented a problem to attach to the base. To overcome this I cut eight disks that fitted inside the rims, then put blocks of plasticard between the disks. These were then stuck to the base and the wheels then forced over the disk, I did this so that if I ever decided to rebuild the kit the wheels wouldn't be damaged. The suspension was cut apart and connections made from fuse wire added.
It was a simple diorama but most enjoyable to build.

Editor note: The history is very simple, one day few months ago I received an email from Tony where he commented me that he had build a Tamiya Ferrari 1/20, and he had enjoyed it very much, then decided to build the "mourning" version, and finally as if the above mentioned wasn't enough he built a diorama copying the F1 racing image.

Every year this magazine publishes an exploded view of the session's Ferrari, in this sight you can see the car disassembled by blocks, in this way it's being done from the F300. Tony has taken that idea...but in 1/20th.


00001.jpg (99411 bytes)

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Image F1 Racing

High quality model made by commission.

If you want that Tony builds a model for you...just email him to