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The Donington Collection

Part I

photos  Fernando Benedetto


Introduction  by Peter Radcliffe

It has taken Tom Wheatcroft over fourty years to build the collection to the current level. Many of the exhibits are owned by the museum but others are loaned to the collection. Many of the cars are competed at historic events and many are regularly driven on the Donnington racetrack. This is not a stale museum of dusty relics but a living museum where the cars are the stars. The drivers as well are remembered and there is at the entrance a memorial in tribute to Fangio and Senna.

The collection is almost entirely Grand Prix cars, a 1922 Grand Prix Sunbeam, The Twin engined Bimotore Alfa, an almost complete Cisitalia, a Scarab, the Felday 4 amongst the rarer. There is a complete collection of Vanwalls, The biggest collection of Mclarens, Williams and Lotus cars. The Museum has good access from the nearby M1 motorway and is a must for any F1 fan visiting Britain. I would recommend a mid week visit and plan a full day. The cars are well laid out but if you want to take pictures from inside the enclosures I would recommend contacting the museum in advance.

The website for the Museum is:


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