Building the T-34/100 – from a T34/85 & scratch

1/35 scale

by Patricio Delfosse © Modeler Site

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The T-34 is one of the vehicles with longer operative life. Even, many are on service today in some third world countries, and until a few years ago, in Europe, they were seeing action in the former Yugoslavia. Among all the versions developed, this accomplished by the Egyptian, is the one that seems more attractive to me. In the ‘70s with the surplus of T-34 chassis, surpassed by more modern tanks, they decided to mount the Soviet 100mm BS-3 gun.


In this way, en efficient and economical tank destroyer was developed since the power of the BS-3 leaves no room for discussion. We can’t say this is an improved version of the T-34 since it’s a Anti-Tank Gun. Indeed, the turret is surrounded by thin armoured plates that offer hardly no protection to the attack of others heavily armoured vehicles. This is simply a tank destroyer which main purpose was to work far from the main combat scenery used to ambush tanks.

The kit

There are three options to build an Egyptian T-34/100:

Accurate Armour

Conversion resin kit. It will be necessary the ICM BS-3 and a T-34 complete chassis. This is the most convenient and available option.


Includes the injection molded plastic T-34 chassis and the resin gun barrel and turret. It was a limited edition and though it may be purchased on eBay or other Internet store, it’s not easy to find.. The kit has a relative quality but with some work, the kit will turn into a good piece.


Includes just the resin turret, with white metal parts copied from the ICM kit. It’s necessary to have a complete T-34 chassis. This is a hard to find conversion, though it’s quality is not great thing.

Nevertheless, being a not complicated conversion, I decided to make it from scratch. George Bradford in his web site sells some excellent drawings of this and others highly recommendable vehicles. Another option could be to search around the Internet some less detailed drawings.

To accomplish this project you’ll need the following:

T-34/85 (any brand is useful, but a Dragon kit will be recommendable)


2mm Plasticard

0,5mm Plasticard

Hull assembly

The hull is assembled according to the instructions of the kit we used, making on it the modifications of the things of the 70’ T-34 versions.


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