F-104Gs at "Vigna di Valle" - Italian Air Force Museum

by Giovanni Galvan 2005 Modeler Site

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At the Museum are now preserved two examples of the famous F-104G Starfighter in Italian markings.

Inside the museum is the Bu n 683-6501, produced by Lockheed and assembled by Fiat Aeritalia. This plane was one of the first Italian Starfighters, and has the Italian Air Force MM 6501 and during its long career was used by Stormi (Wings) 4, 5, 6 and ended its duty in the 3 Stormo with 28 and 132 Gruppo (Squadron), and now wears the insignia and codes of the latter. The color scheme is the standard NATO in Grey and Green on uppersurfaces and Aluminium lacquer on the under surfaces. Insignia are Hi Viz. But in the first years of service, this example wore the White / Natural Metal anti-radiation scheme.

Outside the same hangar of the MM 6501 is shown an example from the 53 Stormo and 21 Gruppo, the MM 6599 wearing "tiger meet" insignia on the tail. The general conditions are not so good as the MM 6501 and the insignia are Hi Viz. But modellers must know that in the last years, Italian F-104 were very weathered, specially those from the 9 Stormo, and the faded Gray and Green show very well the effect. This example served also with 9 and 3 Stormo.


F-104S and TF-104G at the "Goodbye F-104" air show at Pratica di Mare Italian Air Force Base near Rome - May 29th 2004

A the Air Show for the last goodbye to Starfigher, Italian Air Force showed a lot of commemorative planes, in the photos you can see:

A Light Blue / Yellow TF-104G (codes 4-20) from the 4 Stormo, 20 Gruppo (the F-104 OCU) wearing the motto "Unus sed Leo" ("One only but Lion", with a stylized lion painted in Yellow;

A Black / White F-104S from the 4 Stormo with the classic rampant horse (the Francesco Baracca's crest) on the fin;

Two other TF-104G (code 4-34 and 4-40 respectively) in the latest Italian Fighters all Grey FS 36280 scheme. These examples were probably former Luftwaffe planes.


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