Featuring a TK-3

RPM ref. 35032

1/35 scale

by Patricio Delfosse © 2004 Modeler Site


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These light armoured vehicles, very popular during the ‘30s, were born based on same military theory that during the WWI the FT Renault had been conceived; this was The Swarm Theory, and meant many small, slightly armoured but very agile vehicles. In addition to this, they were not expensive vehicles owing their design and production, since after the War, Europe became poor and, it was very difficult for any Western army to get budget for larger projects.

The Polish TK series appeared in 1929, when the Polish Army bought to Vickers (main armoured exporter by that time) a slight armoured vehicle Vickers Mk. VI.

After trying some modifications, the permission of manufacturing was bought, and the new tank began serving to the Polish Army.