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1967 Porsche 910, Targa Florio winner

Tamiya 1/12th

by Thomas Halvarsson


When I bought this kit of a friend the decals and the tires were missing, he helped me with a new set of tires and a S27 decals sheet for this car, it had 3 different versions, my choice was this Targa Florio winner of 1967. I asked in different forums for help with reference pictures of the 910 car, and people was very helpful, thanks again! I did get a lot, very nice ones.


Studio27's decals for the 1/12 Tamiya Porsche 910

When I was looking at the close ups of the engine, I soon understood that the different cars didn't look the same in wiring and such things. So I did what I thought had to be right, I see my self as a "medium" detailer and I'm satisfied with that, there is more that can be done in detailing, but it's not so much space around the engine, so I stopped when It got too narrow (I'm 44 years old, my hands are a little shaky and my eyes are not so good).


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For the instruments I used decals from Virage, and that is the only "detail set" I ever used on any model, until now! On my next one there will be some red and blue hose connectors.

Sometimes when I'm doing a model I can feel that I only want to get finished with it so I can start with a new more interesting kit, but not with this Porsche 910, often I wanted that my working day ends, so I could go home and keep on with the work of this car, this was my first sports car in the big scale, but not the last one!

I'm already decided that I'll do at least one more version of this 910 car, I do recommend this kit!

And one more thing, I don't use anything but Johnsons floorpolish after the decals are in place the result is good enough for me.


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