Formula one/Reference

MP4.8 Front left wheel.jpg (44910 bytes)

McLaren MP 4/8

"Walking around"

by Tim Harris 2002

Please before download these photos, read the following Legal notice

When I contacted Ron Dennis inquiring information about the 4/8, I received a letter from McLaren's solicitor who was threatening me with court action for possible infringement of brand copyright and reproducing a copyrighted product. However once I explained exactly what I did with my models, simply detailing an already licensed product Ron Dennis invited me down to the factory at Woking. Imagine my exquisite delight and at the same time humility standing in the Trophy Room surrounded by all that silverware and the actual cars driven by my idols, Senna, Prost and Lauda, it was a moving experience and then to be left to my own devices with the car that god (Senna) won his last race in (Adelaide '93), as the next season he was going to Williams, come to think about it, it was the last race that McLaren won for about 4 years as well.

The MP 4/8 was the model that McLaren used during 1993, and the last to carry out the Ford engine. The active suspensions were rich in hydraulic lines. I think that this photo array will be useful to detail a Tamiya model, using some photoetched set. The name of each photo has a small description about what is showing.

Editor note: Thanks Tim for delighting our sight!! 


MP4.8 cockpit right side.jpg (78884 bytes) MP4.8 cockpit left side.jpg (43849 bytes) MP4.8 steering wheel.jpg (74457 bytes) MP4.8 steering wheel right side.jpg (56718 bytes)
MP4.8 cockpit right side close up.jpg (54224 bytes) MP4.8 shoulder harness buckle.jpg (37139 bytes) MP4.8 shoulder harness.jpg (36604 bytes) MP4.8 shoulder harness attachments.jpg (43672 bytes)
MP4.8 dashboard display close up from left side.jpg (42887 bytes)

Front suspension

MP4.8 right side top suspension fitting to monocoque.jpg (25428 bytes) MP4.8 right wheel suspension.jpg (44141 bytes) MP4.8 right side bottom suspension fitting to monocoque.jpg (28585 bytes) MP4.8 front suspension  right side front.jpg (70438 bytes)
MP4.8 front suspension left side.jpg (82194 bytes) MP4.8 front suspension right side closer.jpg (57453 bytes) MP4.8 front suspension right side.jpg (88369 bytes) MP4.8 front suspension top view.jpg (98986 bytes)
MP4.8 front suspension front view.jpg (84897 bytes)


MP4.8 engine rhs 0003.jpg (73519 bytes) MP4.8 engine rhs 0002.jpg (72448 bytes) MP4.8 engine rhs 0004.jpg (107200 bytes) MP4.8 engine rhs 0011.jpg (66887 bytes)
MP4.8 engine general 1.jpg (53859 bytes) MP4.8 engine general 10.jpg (104796 bytes) MP4.8 engine general 2.jpg (43464 bytes) MP4.8 engine general 3.jpg (57085 bytes)
MP4.8 engine general 4.jpg (54229 bytes) MP4.8 engine general 5.jpg (107694 bytes) MP4.8 engine general 6.jpg (67612 bytes) MP4.8 engine general 7.jpg (66749 bytes)
MP4.8 engine general 8.jpg (105656 bytes)          MP4.8 engine general 9.jpg (61718 bytes)          MP4.8 engine rhs 0012.jpg (72523 bytes)
MP4.8 engine rhs 0005.jpg (68716 bytes)

Exhaust and radiators

MP4.8 engine rhs exhausts 0010.jpg (92082 bytes) MP4.8 engine rhs exhausts & radiator.jpg (92490 bytes) MP4.8 engine rhs exhausts.jpg (87668 bytes) MP4.8 engine rhs radiator 1.jpg (89331 bytes)
MP4.8 engine rhs radiator.jpg (63165 bytes)

Rear Suspension

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 1.jpg (99428 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 2.jpg (57069 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 3.jpg (55751 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 4.jpg (91695 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 5.jpg (99153 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 6.jpg (65884 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 7.jpg (56957 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 8.jpg (88922 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Suspension 9.jpg (57830 bytes)

MP4.8 Rear Undertray 2.jpg (52152 bytes)

Electronic boxes

MP4.8 electronics Airbox.jpg (56157 bytes) MP4.8 leftside electronics wiring connectors close up.jpg (55375 bytes) MP4.8 leftside electronics wiring top.jpg (83361 bytes) MP4.8 leftside intake electronics.jpg (101243 bytes)
MP4.8 leftside electronics.jpg (97767 bytes) MP4.8 rightside intake electronics wiring top.jpg (78170 bytes) MP4.8 rightside intake electronics.jpg (50588 bytes) MP4.8 rightside intake electronics close up 1.jpg (96566 bytes)

Monocoque & Miscellaneous

MP4.8 cut off.jpg (36592 bytes) MP4.8 right side monocoque.jpg (41699 bytes) MP4.8 right side monocoque close up.jpg (38934 bytes) MP4.8 lifeline fire systems.jpg (48799 bytes)
MP4.8 Rear Undertray.jpg (46495 bytes) MP4.8 Tencel location.jpg (26924 bytes) MP4.8 Rear Radiator.jpg (51997 bytes) MP4.8 Nose.jpg (30514 bytes)