Building the Asuka Models Bantam BRC 40 1/24 scale

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The story of this jeep is very interesting, while being the origin of other jeeps, it wasn’t used by the U.S. army due to the lack of confidence that such a small company could be able to produce the necessary amount of vehicles for the war. Instead they provided them to other countries through the Lend - lease arrangements.


Asuka’s lovely model

Not long ago, when Asuka was still Tasca, they started to add some beautiful 1/24 scale models to their catalogue. The Panzer II and the BMW were as outstanding as they 1/35 Shermans, a referent worldwide. When a few months ago I saw the forthcoming Bantam BRC 40 in this scale I was a bit surprised for the model chosen to continue the 1/24 catalogue, a little known Jeep that lost the race against the Willys.

On the other hand I was quite sure that it would be another great model to build, and I wasn’t wrong. The kit is made out of perfect dark green plastic parts, with no flashes or pins that fix together with ease as only Tamiya do and have subtle details as any of the best models around.

The kit includes some clever touches like the transparent parts, not only for the windscreen and headlights, but also for the red lights on the sides and gauges.


The decals provide signs and plates for three different vehicles, two of them belonging to the US army that may be the ones used on trials before 1941 and another one in British hands used in the North Africa campaign.

Building and painting a test Jeep

The very first steps on the manual are to build the engine, which will not be seen unless you leave the hood lifted, if you do so you will be proud of your little model as even the battery decals are provided.

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