HRS Sebring 2004

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This years annual HRS three day event at Sebring was held in the warm Florida sunshine beginning on Friday, the first weekend of March. Friday and Saturday each featured individual 10 lap group races along with a one hour endurance race. The racing continued into Saturday night with a full hour of racing in the dark. Sunday morning the Group competitions continued and the event was highlighted by the final three hour endurance race.

Unlike the Sebring 12 Hour Endurance, to take place among massive party crowds converging several weeks later, the HRS event offered complete access to the pit area and the major portion of the track. My friend Mike Hanson and I had arrived dark and early on Friday because as seasoned HRS, Sebring veterans we had no intentions of finding ourselves on a rural Florida road and missing the sights and sounds of race cars. Our time for the three days was divided between watching the races from our favorite vantage points or strolling among the rows of some of the most beautiful and impressive vintage racing machines of all classes in the world. We stuck our digitals in every open car window and the sight of an exposed engine had us checking that the cameras were turned to the “on” position. At practically every stop along the pit rows we were welcomed with a friendly wave and a smile extending the invitation to come in for a closer look.

Every time I return to Sebring, I remember how it was and probably more for my own amazement, feel compelled to show Mike how close we foolishly positioned ourselves next to the track during the 12 hour race. Fortunately for our own well being, those good old days we often wish for are gone. But, when the owner of a beautiful red GT-40 standing 50 feet away sees our cameras and comes over to offer to open the doors so we can get a better photo, I don’t see how it can get much better. Perhaps it will be next year when we return and so we reluctantly started for home after the last car was packed away on the transporter on Sunday.

For more detailed information regarding the event, you can go on line and enter HSR Sebring. Many of the teams have excellent web pages with complete reports.


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