Formula one/Review

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Ferrari 625 1954 Kit 92101 Revival 1/20 scale

by Stéphane Simard



I ordered this kit at the same time I ordered some 500 F2s from Icaro. At first I thought that Revival had just the 500s but, Icaro had the full Revival line available and it was with enthusiasm that I submitted an order for this model and four others from the same line. At this point in time, it is quite difficult to find historic F1 in larger scales like 1:20th and 1:12th. However, Revival has created a kit which worthy of a build and review.

This car is of interest to F1 fans, as Ferrari was required to build en entirely new car as regulations had changed somewhat. However, the base of the car was the very successful 500F2. This car had some famous drivers at the wheel such as Farina, Gonzales and Villoresi. Even though Mercedes dominated the season the 625 has some success at Bordeaux and Silverstone just to name a few.
To begin the parts of the kit come in a shrink-wrapped plastic protection. All the parts are therefore stored safely.


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One thing which is great about the kit, is the wire wheels. They are just perfect and look great.

I contemplated ordering two of these kits to build an open version, as I had done for the 500 F2s, but the cost was not worth it.

Before anything could be done to the kit, all the parts were examined carefully. On first impressions the kit parts were good. The body, which is pre-painted is very well done. The rest of the kit frame, suspension parts, engine blocks, etc, are made of white metal and need some serious cleaning and de-burring prior to painting. I took more time to do this than the rest of the painting and assembly process, but it a must if the final result was worthwhile.

Once the parts were cleaned, they all received two coats of Tamiya grey primer and final color as shown by my research pictures.


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Assembly was straight forward, with no real surprises. As with the 500 F2s, the only thing I would recommend, is to proceed with a dry assembly of the engine block. If this is not done, there will be a large gap between the engine parts making the model look cheap. Even if this is not done, the gap can be filled with epoxy and repainted. From my 500 F2 experience I knew this and began by assembling the engine with epoxy.

This model was build straight from the box. I was simply to add another year to my collection of F1 Ferraris.


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I would recommend all modelers to have one of these to their collection. I only build Ferraris, and this addition to my collection, along with the other Revival kits have added some depth to it. The 625 with the other ones from Revival look great on display.


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