Healthy models

by Jean-Paul Spa


Healthy models? What does he mean with that? Does he means beautiful lady´s with all the things on the right place? No, with healthy models I mean kits with vitamin E and all kind of minerals. You will probably still don't know what I mean. Ok I will tell you what I mean. The last kit I build I painted with nail polish, as you will know that there are some vitamins and minerals added at the nail polishes, that is what I mean with healthy models.

A friend of mine asked me some time ago why I don't use nail polishes for painting my models. I was thinking that airbrushing with nail polish was very difficult so I don't spend much time at his words. But after a while when I was walking with my wife in a drugstore I was walking by all kind of nail polishing. Then I saw what an unbelievable colours you could buy, solid base colours, metallic, pearls, duo tone colours etc. A world opened for me.


Before you could work with nail polishes there are some things you must know. There is only one way to thin nail polish, you must use cellulose thinner, turpentine or Revell or Testors thinner will not work. You couldn't spray the thinned polish direct on the kits plastic, the plastic will turn soft. You must use car primer and a another solid car paint base coat. I will use black or white as a base coat. And of course you must wear a gas mask, the damps from the nail polish and cellulose thinner are not the greatest, so if you want to build models for a long time use a gas mask!


Nail polish dries in about two, three minutes and will turn into a matt colour, so you must spray a clear coat over it. Testors or Revell won't also work here, you must use real car paint. I always will use one component clear lacquer. For me this works very good, but of course you could also use a two component clear lacquer.


The next time when you're shopping stop at a drugstore or a shop where they sell nail polishes and look at the variety of colours they sell. Be aware of strange looking faces when you're buying a bottle of nail polish. The last time I bought one, the woman who sells it to me asked me it she must wrap it into a gift paper. No I said that isn't necessary because it is for myself. The knees of the woman get very weak when I told her that. When I left the shop I laughed very hard.

Today I have about 20 bottles of nailpolish, more then my wife own. It is come this far that she borrow some colours of mine, but hey I don't matter because I love here.