Shizuoka Hobby Show and Tokyo Hobby Shop Tour May 18-22

by William Chan  © 2006 Modeler Site

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On May 18, 06, my good friends, Jonathan, Leo and I made a trip to Japan to visit the annual Shizuoka hobby show. This is the biggest annual hobby show in Japan with many many manufacturers displaying their new products, as well as model clubs throughout Japan showing off their work. I am typing up this report to share with you all with what I saw there :D.. This is also my 1st ever trip to Japan, so I blended in some interesting experience here too. Enjoys.

May 18

We took American Airline flying from San Jose, CA to Narita, Japan. It's a direct flight and airfare was US$605. Not a big deal.


Boeing 777, pretty new airplane

11 hours flight. Very close to destination

May 19

Arrived on Fri 3pm, lost a day due to different timezones. Here is airport express train. Around US$30 1 way, this train took us from Narita airport to Tokyo downtown.

Boarded the train.

Raining outside.. Fortunately it was sunny on Sat through Mon.

Arrived at Shinagawa Prince hotel. Shinagawa is the district where most subway and trains system join together.. Very convenient.

Here was the single person room. Very tiny, about US$90/night. Pretty economical at Tokyo standard :D

Hahaha! tiny bathroom.. If you are 6 ft 2, you might find it difficult to use this bathroom.

Some fun stuff here.. Do you know what it is? It is the control that makes the toilet to jet-spray wash your butt.. Very cool...

May 20

Shinagawa train station. We took the non-stop bullet train to Shizuoka from here. It was about 50 min ride. Train fare is around US$60 one way.

Tokyo JR line subway map.. Pretty complicated :)

Going to Shizuoka...

We took this bullet train.

Arrived at Shizuoka. There was a free shuttle bus going from Shizuoka train station to the convention center.

Arrived at the show. Some Japanese Defence military vehicles were on displayed on the entry.

We first visited the manufacturer booth first.. One word to describe this show.. HUGE!! and crowded...


I am not going to explain what is what.. Just enjoy the photos.

Hasegawa sponsored model contest winning entries.
Some railroad models from Japanese manufacturer. Apparently railroad models are big things in Japan too :) As subway, train are part of the daily life. BIG GUN.. It is really BIG.
Fujimi new car models


The followings are the display works from many many modeling club in Japan. Enjoys.. You will see tons of nice work that will make you dizzy.



After almost 3 hours touring around the halls.. my head got very dizzy.. I think I saw more built models in this 3 hours than what I saw in past 30 years !! LOL!!! Next stop Tamiya HQ.


My friend Jonathan and Leo in front of Tamiya HQ. That's Jonathan and me.
Ha, I got a free 1/24 scooter.. Maybe I should build this for next year Tamiya/Con and it will earn me a trip to Japan? :P LOL.
This is the other end of the museum that shows most of the past Tamiya/Con winners' work..
After visiting Tamiya HQ, we took taxi to get to Rainbow 10.. It a huge hobby shop with a lot of built models on display.
Shizuoka is like a Tamiya town. 1 block next to Rainbow 10 is a RC car race track!!!
After whole day at Shizuoka, we took 5pm bullet train back to Tokyo and we visited some hobby shops.. like Yellow Submarine.. then we went to Ginza district for a walk.

May 21

We spent whole day visiting hobby shops. Unfortunately I didn't take pic of those shops.. But I would say Mr Craft is the one I love the most.. alot of race cars stuff.

That's Jonathan and me in front of Mr Craft. We visited this shop twice during this tour.


May 22

We spent some time to department stores to buy fancy snack and dessert, then we took the afternoon flight back to San Jose.. 9 hours flight.. That's it for this short trip.. but full of fun.. I was like a big kids shopping here and there. Hope you enjoy this diary.. sorry that I didn't take much picture of different hobby stores... Hopefully photos of the show can make them up.

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