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R.A.F. Camberra

by  Reuben Saliba


The Canberra first flew on the 13th May 1949. It was highly used by the British forces for various assignments and many versions of the Canberra have been made. The Canberra has been in service with many armed forces around the world, such as Germany, USA, Venezuela, Argentina etc.

Some of the Canberra planes are still flying especially the PR9 version (photo reconessance).

The plane, a Canberra T4, arrived to participate in the MALTA AIRSHOW that took place last September 2000. The plane came directly from WYTON AIRBASE one in UK and is in trainer mode. One can see the dual seat configuration from the enclosed cockpit photos. This plane was flown by a female pilot.

There was a squadron of Canberra planes on the island until March 1979 and until then these planes were still flying around. In fact, the planes had been part and parcel of the local aviation scenery for a stretch of time.

It is with pleasure to bring to you several photos of one of the few remaining and still flying Canberras around.

There have been various kits of the Canberra including FROG and AIRFIX in 1/72nd scale.

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