Esci VW- 82 Kubelwagen 1/9 scale

by  Mario Covalski


Building this beautiful model was a true challenge. It was my first military vehicle, besides the scale and kit deficiencies could be an obstacle. I began to get all possible photographic references, and I chose the desert yellow scheme.

Here are the modifications I incorporated

Added all nuts and bolts on suspension and mechanic parts.

Modified the hinge doors with wire and plastic tube.

Added the battery with its electric circuit.

Replaced the gear lever and the traversing bar with aluminum tube.

Added the seats bands iron, made of plastic strips.

Added skirts fender made of leather hold with cooper nails.

Added extra details in the machine gun, windshield wipers, and shovel support with brass sheet.

I detailed the motor with electric wire and cable, made the seal cover valve with wire too, scratchbuilt the instrument panel with parts of my spare box.


I painted with desert yellow and then the indoor was painted semi-gloss varnish, after this I washed all with well diluted light brown. When everything was dried the camouflage was painted panzer grey and red brown. 

To end after applying washes on the camouflaged zones again, I dry brushed them with desert yellow + white and grey and brown + white.
This model was sold some time ago, so I have not many photos to show you, anyway for any questions you can ask me.


This is a model to be built if one is very motivated, I need two months in finishing it and I enjoyed every minute, very advisable.


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